The Myth of Inner Game

There is a myth crippling the minds of guys around the world. ?It is the myth of self esteem. ?It is the myth that self-confidence is something that it is owed to you.

As a culture we’ve become spoiled. ?We’ve been spoon fed the ideas that the misery in our life is not our fault. That it is the subliminal programming we’ve received from the media. ?Or our parents didn’t love us enough. ?Or we were picked on in the playground in the third grade.

This lack of self confidence stunts our growth. ?It takes most of the blame for all of our lack of achievement. ?We don’t get girls because we are un-confident. ?We over eat, we smoke, we do drugs, or drop out of college, all because we have low self esteem.

And then we look at the successful people. ?And we get filled with envy. ?And we say “I wish I had their self-confidence.”

So we decide that we’re going to go out and get us some self-esteem.

So we purchase CDs, we go to seminars, we read books, we practice NLP, and we try self hypnosis…

And bam… still nothing!

So now, we take comfort in wallowing in our misery. ?Maybe we even find some friends to wallow with. ?Or we go onto internet forums and complain to the masses. ?And these masses have just as low self-esteem as us, so they tell us it’s not our fault. ?It’s society. It’s conditioning.

Fuck that!

If you want self confidence: ?Earn it.

You’ve been around long enough to know that no one is ever going to hand you anything. ?And if you want something… you go out and you get it.

Go out and get yourself some confidence.

You don’t get self esteem or self confidence by complaining about how you don’t have it.

  • You get it by going into the trenches and coming out alive.
  • You get it by standing up to your biggest fears.
  • You get it by putting your all into something, and not quitting until you taste the sweet scent of victory.
  • You get it by saying you’re going to do something…. And doing it.
  • You get it by surprising yourself day after day- that even with all your limitations and all those reasons you should fail- you persevere, defy the odds, and continually amaze yourself with what you can accomplish.

If you want unstoppable confidence… stealth inner game- my suggestion to you is take a good hard look at your life and find the one thing that scares the hell out of you. ?The thing you’ve put off your entire life. ?The obstacle that seems insurmountable.

And you conquer it.

You don’t stop until you conquer it.

It doesn’t matter if it takes you two years. ?You wake up every morning and you give it another shot. ?Every single day you take an action towards putting a dent in that wall.

One day that wall will crumble.

And you’ll come out a new man.

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