Learn how to control your college party

A few weeks ago I visited my old college to see what has changed and visit some of the new guys of our fraternity (which is actually on double secret probation). These guys are new and things have changed a lot, mostly the pledging process and other political things; but when I herd them talking about a party they had…I was disappointed.

See we were never a big organization on campus in terms of numbers, but we understood certain concepts when it came to creating a brand and image on campus. In other words, we worked smarter! There are many different things I can go into on how you can work smarter, since it’s my specialty; but I want to stick to the party aspect for this article.


This may not be an issue with your organization but it was with ours so I will go over it. We had a nice big piece of property we used to call the compound which had a lot of land. The problem was that it was all grass and a weird shape. So every party we would have people working the situation. By far the worst job but almost the most important if it pertains to you. Keeping the outside of a party quiet is very important and having an organized method is the key to avoid late night honking and fender benders. At one point we were using field paint (used for marking sports fields) to outline spots and fit the most cars. More cars usually = more money!

Working the Door

Now when most organizations throw a party in the college scene it is usually to try and make money for that organization. Here in lies the first opportunity to get some recognition. The key is to work the and socialize at the same time. Put people at the that can and will make conversation with attendees and rotate the people working the . This accomplishes the first task of letting people know that “YOU” threw the party.

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