Building Character, Masculinity, and Confidence w/ @ScotMckay Interview

How to Develop the Critical Characteristics of Masculinity

In the latest of my interview series I spend over an hour talking to Scot McKay about a variety of topics regarding dating, going for good to great, and building a masculine lifestyle.

Scot McKay and I really cover a large variety of topics in depth in this 75 minute interview.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to get back into the game after a bad breakup
  • How to use Twitter to meet women
  • Scot’s 4 key ingredients to naturally attracting women
  • His 3 step plan for moving forward toward attaining these ingredients
  • Why character is so important- and how to develop it
  • Some long and short term goals to get you started…

As many of you know Scot just introduced a new program called The Master Plan that has a lot of people talking.  This is the first program to really excite me in awhile because it is NOT just the normal standard dating advice… this includes the kind of stuff that will help you throughout life no matter your relationship status…

Scot Mckay Interview

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