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Clip Reel: Hilarious Accidental Child Abuse


As annoying as it is to watch Celtics fans get excited during this NBA postseason, it’s almost worth it (almost) after seeing the hilarious clip in which Glen “Big Baby” Davis celebrates a game-winning shot by “accidentally” pushing a young Orlando Magic fan out of his way. The clip got me thinking: Is there anything funnier than kids accidentally getting injured for being where they’re supposed to be? (Pretty much the entire oeuvre of America’s Funniest Home Videos is based on this concept, after all.) As proof, here’s five offerings from the YouTubes for your perusal:

Chicken Dance – Kid Kicked in Face:

Like Hitchcock movies, this video works because of the built-in suspense. You know the kid’s going to get it, and you know how, but you just don’t know when.

Kid Getting Hit with Basketball:

A more perfect video on the Internet, there is not. Pay close attention to the beginning, when the kid makes his first appearance, running across the bottom of the screen without a care in the world, an innocence that would not be long for this world.

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