Best Weekend Reading From Around the Web

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Best Weekend Reading

Your guess is as good as mine!Dude passed this regrettable text site along to me and I thinks its hilarious. I can add two texts of my own from last night that I woke up and regretted.

Sinn is giving out a pretty cool report on day game that I recommend checking out.

We could all do with a little more discipline. Zen Habits posted a short post reminding us some of the ways we can easily implement more discipline into our lives.

I swear to god I have an idea for a sex themed park since I was like 10… the Chinese beat me to it.

If you missed Brad Jackson sugar stab video.. check it out.

God damn this woman is hot.

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Living Vicariously Through Yourself

Here is a cool article one of our readers Pete sent me:

Living vicariously through yourself

During one of the few times I ever watch tv these days, I saw a new beer commercial. Now, I love beer but not every beer commercial makes my day like this. At least not since the walk in fridge Heineken commercial. Anyways, this commercial featured “the most interesting man in the world” of course the most interesting man in the world is somewhat intriguing as I consider myself pretty interesting. Well, the most memorable quote from the commercial, said “He lives vicariously, through himself.” and that got me thinking: Why don’t I do that? Why don’t we all do that? An example of living vicariously is to have someone else do something that you wish you could do, or you simply cannot do. Such as moving to Hawaii, or buying a motorcycle. Anyways why have others live your dream? They are your dreams after all. I have started to live my life vicariously through myself. A few examples from my life: Saying exactly what I want to to whoever I want to. (If your frame is strong enough you can do this) I call some of my female friends hoes, lesbians, whatever is on my head at the time. My rule of thumb is:

If I ever want to see something done for whatever reason, I choose myself to be the one to do it. If I want someone to stand up to someone, I do it! If I want somebody to do something crazy or funny, I choose myself to do it! If it would be cool for someone to take a 7 month vacation to Disney World, I do it!

Live your life so that others can’t help but talk about it. Live everyday like it will be the next page in a bestselling biography. Feel free to leave comments about fun, crazy, and amazing things that you have done in your lives. You never know where your inspiration will come from.


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