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Beach Outfits

A droite, a gaucheNothing says summer like the beach, and I hate it – the summer that is. I love the beach, not just for the water, sand and sun, but for the great kind of clothes that can be worn.

For that reason alone, I and some friends decided to migrate south to the Ocean City beach in Ocean City, N.J.

As a writer, my mind is always on something whether it’s the story that my editor wanted me to change, or a new story that I want to pitch. The beach represents for me, a great place to just think about nothing.

And I think we all could use that kind of escape every now and then.

From noon until 4 p.m, I sat on the beach looking at people come and go, while at the same time dosing off.

My friends did the same.

Then after 4 p.m., we decided that it was time for a drink. In the car we went – air conditioning in tact, in search of a liquor spot.

We were unsuccessful to say the least. In fact, Ocean City is a dry city (No alcohol). It had become obvious to my friends and I that we were going to be on our way out of the serene Ocean City.

On the way out, I couldn’t help but to notice the shops and clothing stores that flooded the streets and sidewalks of the small sea town.

Being in Ocean City for that day exposed me to a beach culture in fashion and attitude that I might not have thought of otherwise. In honor of the Frankie Avalons out there, here are some great beach staples that will probably never go away:

The Trunks

The swim trunks are the most basic and essential piece of beach clothing in any man’s closet. Personally, I think that any man, any size, should have at least one pair. My favorite style of swim trunks is of course vintage. Just like Frankie Avalon, I like the shorts that have that late 50s, early 60s feel – everything gets recycled anyway in fashion.

Consider it my version of going green.

Often times, guys shop for trunks at basic stores like Quicksilver and Pac Sun. While these stores are great – don’t be intimidated by the bigger brand stores. I would take quality over quantity any day.

The Flip Flop or Moccasin

The beach is a great place to wear flip flops and moccasins. The best part – they don’t look tacky, or too trendy.

While at the beach – you should wear flip flops, anything else would look strange. Sneakers and boots on the beach, does not a Dapper Dan make.

One of the good things about flip flops is that they are affordable all season. You won’t go into debt buying a few pair, and they are small enough to look just right and compliment any beach outfit.

The Polo

I think it goes without saying that I prefer the polo to have a collar that is not popped. Anything else would be crazy!

With that being said, the polo can be a fun and welcome addition to any outfit for the beach. And in any other instance, I would never say, the louder the color – the better. Keeping with the trunks that you wear, a nice polo in the color of a color in the trunks would be great to wear, especially on those particularly hot days.

I think it would also go without saying that darker colors are not welcome not unless it’s evening, but that is a whole other column for another time.

The Shades

If you are on the beach, nothing says maxin’ and relaxin’ more than a good pair of shades (sunglasses). I am partial to the aviators – they’re classic, sexy, and they say security. Not to mention – if you wanted to talk to someone and you found your eyes wandering elsewhere, aviators do a good job of aiding any kind of cover up.

True beach style can be attained – even without the surfboard.


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