Four Fashionable Movies to look out for

Movies have long been a staple in American fashion – at least for women. Now, with men taking their own personal style more seriously than ever before, it is the movie that has a major part in what dictates the style and attitude of a man.

Lately, I’ve been invited to a lot of different parties and openings all seeming to be centered on movies. Somewhere along the lines, the film industry came to the realization that men go to the movies now, just as much as women. Not to mention, more movies are being geared towards men, along with the fashions that the actors wear.

So where do you fit in with all of this?

Not quite where you would expect.

The fashion industry is changing everyday. Movies are just another way to advertise style.

That doesn’t mean that you need to model your style after films like “Terminator” or “Alien.”

Still, taking some tips from films where fashion is prominent may be just the spark that your wardrobe needs.

This and next season’s list of films are sure to entertain while stimulating your fashion senses – as sharp or dull as they may be.

With that being said, I am especially excited about three movies in particular that are sure to be fashion pleasers, geared towards all audiences with special attention to the male moviegoer.

The Hangover

“The Hangover,” directed by Todd Phillips (“School for Scoundrels” “Borat”) is about a groom and his three groomsmen all of which decide to drive out to Las Vegas for a proper celebration. Later, the men awake to find a baby in the bathroom and a missing groom. Now, three groomsmen with bad s, and no conceivable memory of the events from the night before, have to look for their groom and get him back in time to walk down the aisle.

From a fashionable perspective, I would never suggest trying to put together an outfit while drunk. Just the same, on set-dresser Tom Callinicos does a good job of capturing what I like to call, Careless Style.

Somehow, it just works.

In “The Hangover,” the men, headed by Bradley Cooper who plays Phil, don’t have that many outfit changes. And their sense of individual style is not the first things on their minds, but each character’s look is apparent. The personality shows through with each character’s individual style – even in the midst of a .

The careless style look is great for a lazy day. Not to mention, it is as comfortable as all hell.

“The Hangover,” will have a nationwide release of June 5, 2009.?

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