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NYC Air Guitar Regional Championships…RULED!

We have been anxious about the Air Guitar Championships in NYC @ Bowery Ballroom since it is such a unique event, and this past Thursday, we experienced it live! I must say, I didn’t know at all what to expect and Pete the Freshman and I were  leaning one of two ways. Either it was going to suck balls or be totally awesome; happy to say it was the latter! In fact, this was one of the coolest music events I have ever been too, hands down.

As we walk upstairs to the stage we immediately spot some curious looking people decked out in things ranging from spandex to tighty whites, and even a combination of both! (tidy whites on the outside none the less)

The venue was supposed to start at 8:45, but kept us waiting a little longer, probably to get us a little more buzzed up and into the hilarity; to top it off, the event was sponsored by Boone’s Farm and there awesome sorority pounding wine flavors, classic!

There were 3 Guest Judges:

  1. Hot Lixx Hulahan, the 2008 World Champion
  2. Saturday Night Live’s” Jason Sudeikis
  3. Josh Lucas

I think they were pretty funny and insulting at the same time.  Here are some on my favorite comments…

“I was so ready for you to be fucking good”
“longest ringtone I’ve ever heard”
“looks like eddie munster”

OK, so lets get to a few acts. There were a few first timers on stage and they were interesting to watch, but for the most part sucked. That’s when the judge said, ” I was so ready for you to be fucking good” and the crowd broke out laughing.

A few acts into the amateurs, we saw our first great display of “Airness”, and it was delivered from Sanjar the Destroyer (STD). He seriously rocked the house, mad energy, see for yourself!

Tell me that wasn’t hilariously awesome!

After STD got the house rocking, it was time for the rest of the experienced players to come out, I guess he was the kick off, and for a good reason. Next on the list in our video library was Shreddy Fucking Mercury.

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