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A Common Sense Guide to the Good Life

It seems the entire world is suffering from an epidemic lack of common sense.

No one is in any rush to point it out to us.  Why would they?  Marketers and businessmen are getting rich off it.

How else could a billion dollar-a -year weight loss industry thrive?

Or the seduction industry?

Or the get rich quick industry?

A Common Sense Guide to Weight loss

The weight loss and nutrition industry would love for us all to believe that in order to shed the extra twenty pounds we need to purchase the latest super deluxe fat burning pill or follow the “ice cream diet” or staple your stomach closed…

Yes, we’ve been played for fools for a very long time.

I mean, c’mon, common sense tells you exactly how to lose weight.  If you want to drop weight it is as simple as eating smaller portions of healthier foods, and burning calories through exercise.

Common sense, right?

We all know that pizza, McDonalds, Dunking Donuts, and Ben and Jerry’s don’t make the cut.  We all know that the second helping of lasagna isn’t really necessary.  And we all know that we should be filling up on water, fruits, vegetables, and grilled meat.

We also know that instead of lying on the couch watching Seinfeld re-runs we should be at the gym.

Its common sense.

But instead of using our God given intuition and common sense, we continue to follow the herd toward the latest diet fad.

And then wonder why we’re still fat.

A Common Sense Guide to Getting Rich

Two years ago common sense was telling just about everyone one of us that the real estate market was a giant bubble waiting to burst.  It was practically screaming at us not to splurge $400,000 on a house that was selling for half that price a few years earlier.

But we didn’t listen.

We kept gobbling up those mortgages.  We kept re-financing.  We kept putting more and more debt on our credit cards.

And then we blame the government when the cards come crumbling down.

So in a financial panic, we turn to the latest “Get Rich Quick” scheme to solve our money troubles.

It feels good to buy that fancy eBook, or send that Nigerian money, or to head out to Vegas and bet it all on black.

But it won’t get you rich.

Here is the secret to getting rich:

Buy low.  Sell high.


Here is some more advice to add to that:

Save more than you spend.


Common Sense.

If you want a fool proof common sense approach to making a million dollars listen to Gene Simmons talk about sex, money, and kiss.  You’ll never put another dollar on your credit card.

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