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Four Men in Politics that Exhibit Style: In no particular order

The Prada, Michael Kors, and Givenchy fashion mills are looming during every political election as candidates choose sides, platforms and labels during a time where they will be seen the most.

The world is ran by politics – that is a given. But nowadays, politicians are beginning to play close attention to their fashions as they do their foundations.

And out of the political spectrum, comes great politicians with good platforms and great style. America itself has had more than a few fashionable politicians. Fashion magazines are constantly publishing photos of Michelle Obama’s newest look from the next big thing in fashion.

Still, male politicians have impacted American fashion just as they do American politics. Here are four men that have left a particularly fashionable influence on my own personal style.

1. John Fitzgerald Kennedy

It was January 2, 1960, John Fitzgerald Kennedy declared his candidacy for president of the United States of America and the world was forever changed. Our generation would have John F. Kennedy Jr. but in the 60s it was all about JFK and his beautiful wife.

So what makes John Fitzgerald Kennedy worthy of my list?

His suits.

Each tailor-made piece that he wore while on the campaign trail presented a clear message that he cared about class and sophistication. His platform was good too.

The 60s were a time of excitement – civil rights – music and all, but it was fashion that helped shape the appearance of certain public figures. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was no different.

While campaigning, JFK was known for the classic one button suit. Publicity shots allowed a variety in style to be expressed. Photos of JFK with his wife featured the of course immaculate Jackie Kennedy, but JFK’s free-spirited sense of style also made a great impact. As versatile as he was politically, he was also a force to be reckoned with from a style standpoint.

2. Ronald Wilson Reagan

Here’s the thing about Ronald Reagan – he was an actor before he was president. Being an actor doesn’t always mean that you are inherently stylish. This is true. But Ronald Reagan’s style was classic and timeless, just as he was on the silver screen.

Though he established himself as a conservative candidate while running for president of the United States, it was his style that set him apart from the rest as a true trend-setter. Ronald Reagan had style and swagg. Photos of him in casual attire helped bring fashion and politics among men – to the forefront. Reagan’s one piece – and iconic piece of sorts, showed the fun and fancy element of politics. I of course am referring to the denim shirt. Maybe you don’t remember the denim shirt on Reagan, but I sure do. Through different periods of time, the denim shirt may have been looked at as a crime of fashion. This is understandable. But during the days of Reagan, it was a great fashion statement. Masculine, fashionable, and classy – just like him.

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