Meeting Girls in College

5 Questions About College Game With PUA Entropy

Entropy has been coaching PUA to men since 2007. He was the co-founder of Practical Pickup and has worked with guys such as Sinn and Mehow. He focuses mostly on natural game, social circle game and college game. He recently released an audio course on college game at

1)? What are some of the differences between college game and gaming in night clubs and bars?

The one MAJOR difference between bars/clubs and college game is that in college you have to deal with the reputation factor. For instance, you can go into a bar, get blown out 10 times in a row, have girls think you’re creepy and it doesn’t matter, because you’ll never see them again. But if you get blown out 10 times around your campus, you’re going to have to see these girls in class, in your dorm, in your cafeteria, you’ll meet their friends, and friends’ friends — and not just next week, but for months and months and months.

But reputation is a double-edged sword. It can kill you on the one hand, but on the other hand you can start building massive amounts of social proof with it — far more than you could ever build in the bar or club scene. That’s basically what college game is all about: building and leveraging massive amounts of social proof. Let it do all the work for you.

2)? What are some of the ways you recommend guy initiate conversations with women on campus?

Because of the reasons mentioned in question one, I recommend “warm approaches.” Basically approaches that seem as normal and regular as possible. Sitting next to cute girls in class, in the lunch room, joining extra-curricular, meeting through friends of friends — basically making the approach as plain as possible. Only place I really recommend doing pure cold approaches is parties, and even there keeping your lines very plain. This is counter-intuitive since most PUA material teaches you to stand out as much as possible but in college game that will only backfire on you.

3) Are there any particular classes or clubs that you think work best for meeting women?

Art classes. Dance class. Yoga class is usually a gold mine. I took Yoga senior year and slept with three girls from my class (and I was relaxed every week too!). As for academics, girls will gravitate toward most social sciences: psychology, sociology, anthropology, etc. Majors like engineering, hard sciences and math or economics usually have NO girls worth hitting on.

As for extra-curricular, co-ed intramural sports actually work well if you’re athletic. Other than that, go to where you’d expect the party crowd to be — i.e., join the snowboarding club, not the chess club or math Olympics.

4)? What is the biggest mistake a guy could make during his four years at college?

The biggest mistake is not meeting as many people as possible. Freshmen are naturally going to meet a lot of people anyway, just because everyone’s thrown into such a new environment. But really go the extra mile. It’s SO easy to meet people in college, particularly the first two years that you should be capitalizing on it every day. If you cast a wide net out and create a huge social network, it’s going to pay MASSIVE dividends your later years of school.

5) If a guy doesn’t like to drink or party is it still possible to meet women?

Absolutely. Just replace your partying time with more extra-curriculars. Take a dance class and a yoga class. A lot of clubs and extra-curricular groups take trips together each semester, get in on those. Hell, if you’re really proactive, START a club for something. It’s not hard. I started a meditation club (more yoga girls) my senior year. Every week we’d just sit for 30 minutes and then chat and hang out for an hour. I’d meet new people every week from it.

If you’re at a decent-sized school (10k+ people), then there are more social opportunities than you will ever be able to experience. Personally, I partied 5+ nights a week my junior and senior year, but if I went back to undergrad today, I’d probably join/start more clubs and maybe join an intramural team or two.

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