Project Rockstar

Starlight’s dispatch From The Middle Kingdom

Get ready – it’s happening again. Project Rockstar 2009 is coming to London…SOON! But what happened to the original Rockstars? Here’s Starlight, one of the six men who had their lives turned upside down in the summer of 2008, telling us about the journey he has taken the past year.

For those of you who don’t know, I was one of the six lucky guys chosen for Project Rockstar last year. Many have asked why did I apply and put myself through it all? After all, I was outwardly successful with a high-flying career in investment banking and already enjoying some success with women.

But behind the shiny veneer, I didn’t feel complete. I wasn’t satisfied in my career and I knew there were large pieces missing within me. I wanted to shed the skin of my former life as a worker bee in the dog eat dog world of international finance and learn from the best of the best. I yearned for the Rockstar lifestyle: to be an international playboy with a business that ran itself, to travel and live around the world, and to pick up new languages and cultures along the way.

Now today, ten months after the end of Project Rockstar 2008, I’m in Shanghai, sitting in a suite in the Hyatt and overlooking the spectacular skyline from the Bund, the most famous and iconic street in China’s financial capital. I have the thriving business and I have the international playboy lifestyle. Getting to where I am took years of hard work but it was the opportunities offered by Project Rockstar that catapulted my progress, in terms of having the belief and tools to go for my dreams, my business success and of course, my ability to seduce beautiful, high value women of my choosing.

Rewind back to last August, I was looking at and captivated by that very same view of Shanghai. Mr M and I had been flown out to Shanghai on a whim by ultra-successful entrepreneur and international playboy Eskay to sample Chinese business, culture and ladies up close and personal. It was the climatic end of my social mastery training on Project Rockstar and it was a trip that changed the course of my life. No joke!

In the midst of wild parties, champagne bubble baths and Shanghainese bedroom acrobatics, Mr M and yours truly sat overlooking the Bund river, listening in rapt attention as Eskay elucidated his views on business in China, his theory of relationship building and the best ways to enjoy financial success in style around the world. Those conversations were the last alignment of all the “wheels” in my life.

Prior to that, I had been knee deep in 8-weeks of intensive training in all aspects of social dynamics and mastery on Project Rockstar. I spent hours in-field with pick-up heroes I had been following from afar for years, trained for hours in the gym honing my body under a strict personal regime laid out for me, absorbed the wisdom being espoused from inspirational speakers in the fields of self-help, inner game and networking. I had the privilege of assisting on Love Systems’ bootcamps with legends of the seduction community and was able to impart the knowledge I had picked up to others.

At the end of the Shanghai trip and the 8-week adventure, which is all documented on the Project Rockstar 2008 thread, I decided to set forth with a set of new goals. These were to:

  • build an automated 4-Hour Workweek style business with net profits of $15,000+/month.
  • attain conversational fluency in Mandarin Chinese
  • gain acceptance to one of the top Universities in the world
  • become a Love Systems Instructor

Now, ten months on, sitting in the same hotel that catalyzed that life change and looking out at the now familiar Shanghai skyline, it is satisfying to reflect for a moment that all of those goals are realized. I have a thriving business that runs itself and I live the life of an international playboy, travelling from country to country, and immersing myself in the local culture and its beautiful women.

It feels good to have worked hard for something you believe in and to have achieved it against many odds and through difficult circumstances.

It is not an accident or an anomaly when I find myself living the life that I do, whether it is in Norway watching the Northern Lights or in whispering Mandarin words of love to a porcelain-skinned goddess of the Middle Kingdom. I don’t believe in accidents. But I do believe in the concept of destiny occurring when the stage is appropriately set – out here in China, they call it Yuanfen,

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