9 Ways To Have Better Conversations With Women – Part II

9 Skills for Better Conversations with Women (4-6)

The ability to carry an interesting conversation that escalates toward the end result you’re looking for is a skill that most men have to actively learn.

This is the second part of a three part series on crafting conversations that build attraction in women.  In the previous lesson, we talked about using how you should use statements rather that continually ask questions, we talked about the use of cold reading, and how it is important to qualify a woman as a way to amplify the interest she is showing you.

Today I am presenting three more tools for making your conversations with women more enjoyable.

4.  Talk about things that you are passionate about

Since most men stick to “interview mode” topics like work and school… they seldom have a chance to demonstrate their passionate and excited side to a woman.  Instead they talk about topics that bore them… and in turn, bore the woman.

Try this instead:

When you ask a woman what she looks for in a man, pretty much all women will use the word passionate. While most of the time, I take what women say they want with a grain of salt… in this case, I found this to be completely true.

The fact is, as Mystery has said in the past, “enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm.”  When you talk to a woman, stress the things you are passionate and enthusiastic about.

Having passion towards something can take a relatively mundane subject like cooking… and elevate it to an engrossing conversation.

If you love to travel, let her get a sense of what exactly excites you about seeing the world.  If you’re into building your business… let her see the leader in you, let your entrepreneurial spirit shine bright… if you love music, or art, or movies, don’t hide it.

This doesn’t mean brag about your knowledge of these subjects… it means explain what about them really drives you.

Women like men with drive, men who know what they want and go after it… let women see that side of you.

5.  Tease her

When most men approach a beautiful woman, they put her on a pedestal… and because of this they tend to treat her like she is royalty.  Most men become deathly afraid of offending her.  They become so worried about looking cool or coming up with the perfect thing to say, that the conversation quickly fizzles out.

As I previously discussed in how to make women laugh, women want a guy that is fun to be around.  The truth is we are all still children at heart.  Although most of us love a good intellectual conversation from time to time… when we are out at a bar or on a date, we just want to relax, laugh a little bit, and have a good time… forgetting about the worries and stress in our life.

And the best way to do that is to keep the conversation playful and fun.

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