Best Weekend Reading From Around the Web

I’m hungover, really hungover.  So consider yourself lucky this post got written.  I’m off to Portugal Monday, so don’t be surprised if you don’t have any weekend reading for next week.  If you get bored, browse through Great Seducer and fill up up your Ipod.  Or buy a copy of my book… damn you.

Best Weekend Reading

Tending Bar at Mission Street Ale HouseIf you’re looking for some more advantages with women, here are 7 scientific studies that can help you score.  Apparently, the more sex you have- the stronger your sperm become.

College will be back in session soon… you better know the proper beer run etiquette if you’re going to be the one grabbing the 30 packs on Natural Ice.

Lance did an interview with Dr Fuji over at his blog. For those who don’t know Dr. Fuji, he is part of Mehow’s team and actually wrote a post in last summer’s 31 days to better game series.

Speaking of interviews- I recently had David Wygant, Adam Lyons, Hypnotica, Asian Playboy, and Vince Kelvin on the phone for a PUA Summit Preview Podcast.  These each revealed several golden nuggets of information.  PUA Summit tickets are available here.

Mack Tight posted a video of Kezia talking about how soon you should call a girl.  Although, I warn you, it will be very hard to pay attention to what she is saying…

Coed Magazine lists 5 reasons your not dating smarter women.

Here are the top 1o cities of sin.  I’ve only been to four of the ten… and can safely rank Rio de Janeiro as my all time favorite.

Adam Lyons explains how to pick up a bartender in this video.

If you want to go a little bit deeper this weekend… read this article about attachments to mental positions and beliefs.  I think we all ultimately know that it is our limiting beliefs that are holding us back.  Now its just a matter of changing them.

Here is a brief look back at the Worst style crazes that we all had to endure over the years.

Weekend Eye Candy

49/365  Just For the ArticlesThe Hill’s star Heidi Montague in Playboy Magazine.

Here are more reasons to love Gina Carano. Watch the video where she is pummeling the other girl.

Juliana Salemini has an amazing ass.  Amazing.

Megan Fox reminds us how hot she is.  And then shows us just how strung out and fun she can be in this public service video.

How much would you pay to be at this party?  That just looks like such fun!

Behind the scenes of a Playboy photo shoot is always fun too.


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