Video Radness: Point Break Re-imagined

Point Break is not that great of a movie. The acting is spotty at best (as anything with master thespian Keanu Reeves tends to be), the script is decent (at best), and the directorial flourishes are no better than your substandard late-80s, early-90s high-concept action movie, complete with slow motion explosions, a shitty soundtrack, and overly dramatic poses by the actors, usually with their shirts off. That said, it is a perfect movie.

Heading into an editing booth to make a few cuts, rewriting a single scene from the movie, or recasting any character in the film will not make the movie any better. For what it sets out to accomplish, it succeeds completely. As such, it’s not surprising the movie still holds up as a pop cultural phenomenon. Of course, there’s the hilarious Point Break Live! play that continues to sell out wherever it goes. (The play is known for the unique concept of taking a member out of the audience to perform as the Keanu Reeves character.) And now we have this amazing quasi-remake of the film with members of Reno 911! and Human Giant.

Do enjoy:

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