Go Commando, Get Girls

Valentines Sweet HeartCivilians assume getting girls is about having “things.” Looks, money, cars, and the old sock-in-the-crotch are the prerequisites guys need before they can get mega-babes. That’s because to a civilian, he’s not equipped to get the super hot girl unless he meets society’s standards of a “hot guy.” Movies, television, and advertising have hammered the idea into the civilian man’s mind that until he possesses the trappings of (what’s considered) “male hotness,” he should just settle for a girl of “so so” caliber.

Later this little movement called “the seduction community” came along and proclaimed the good news for the civilians. Men no longer had to wait for looks, money, cars, or even socks-in-the-crotch before they getting their mega-babe dream girl. Instead, guys just have to fill some new prerequisites like social proof, getting into “state,” and pea-cocking. Community drones gleefully wrote their retarded analogies to “The Matrix,” claiming to have swallowed the “red pill.” An army of Neo-like community clowns descended upon nightclubs worldwide, scoffing at those wacky “civilians” and their “limiting beliefs.”

Truth is the community’s idea of the “red pill” is the same bullshit with a different stink. Essentially civilians and community guys agree on one thing: the modern man is simply not enough. If he wants to live up to the fabled standards of mega-babes, he needs to look outside himself for props. It matters little if that prop is a Corvette, a chiseled physique, a stack of cash, a furry hat, a girl on each arm, a wing-man’s accomplishment introduction, or the laundry list of other “necessities” a man supposedly needs before he can “congruently” approach the mega-babes.

What no one seems to realize is congruence comes from a single source: you. Is that condescendingly simplified? Yes. But in a way, it must be. Attraction and dating is simply a series of self-fulfilling prophesies. A guy’s limiting beliefs become a guy’s limiting realities. Period. For all I’m concerned, that’s the only rule of “the game” where there is no exception.

Clown Talk (c.1905)After that, dudes need to throw out every other “rule” they have in their head. A few suggestions are forgetting how long you need to wait before having sex, how many seconds have to approach, how many “warm ups” you need to do before hitting “state,” how much social proof you are required to generate, or how ridiculous your attire needs to be to before you can get girls.

When you strip away the props, the rules, and the beliefs what’s left is what I call “going commando.” A double entendre indeed, going commando is a lot like not wearing underwear. But it’s more than that. It’s a lot like not wearing anything other than a cocky grin and a shameless attitude. Going commando is about not relying on anything other than YOU to make shit happen.

But “going commando” also means going ruthless. No excuses. You see a girl you’re attracted to, you get her. You don’t wait until her orbiter guys friends go to the bathroom. You don’t wait until you have another drink. You don’t even wait until your wingman is ready to “occupy the obstacles.” Would Rambo crouch in the bushes of a P.O.W. camp, waiting to sneak his way inside when the scrubby guards go on a lunch break? Or would that motherfucker blow through the front door with an exploding bow-in-arrow and stop at nothing until the objectives of his mission are complete? Yeah. That’s what I thought. Stop jeopardizing your mission with civilian nonsense. Step up and take what’s yours. No excuses. No props. No limiting beliefs. It’s just you and a commando attitude!

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About Rob J. Rob J. is a writer and dating instructor in New York City. Themes that resonate in both his teaching and writing are masculinity, genuineness, rational self-interest, and general awesomeness.

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