TSB Labs: The 100 Day Challenge

The 100 Day Challenge

Race de Preist, of Window Shopping with Women, turned me onto this challenge.  He signed up recently to take part and thought that either myself or the TSB readers might be interested in taking the challenge as well.

I did some research on The 100 Day Challenge and found nothing but positive reviews about it.

What is The 100 Day Challenge:

The 100 Day Finish Strong Challenge is a structured 14-week performance improvement program where challengers compete against themselves to achieve a number of challenging goals and begin the new year focused, energized and in control.

We provide competitors from around the world with a performance plan, a disciplined process, daily measurement systems, and information on proper strategies to attain their specific 14-week goals.

The concept is built around two motivational tenets, a fixed period of time which is deadline driven and the strong desire to accomplish worthwhile goals within that deadline.

The challenge is designed to fuel desire, motivate people to break free form their comfort zones and self-limiting thoughts, and to enforce both massive action and accountability.

The program was created by a guy named Gary Ryan Blair, who seems to have a strong following in the goals/achievement crowd.

What does The 100 Day Challenge consist of?

Participants in the 100 Day Challenge have immediate access to:

  • A Massive Action Plan (MAP) that serves as your blueprint for the next 100 days.
  • 100 Daily Coaching Lessons with built in call to action exercises.
  • 100 Daily mp3 messages to compel you to act with a sense of urgency.
  • Inspiring DAILY videos that will continue to fuel your motivation.
  • Daily coaching insights and practical tips on performance improvement.
  • A suite of goal setting forms to be implemented each day of the challenge.
  • A daily After Action Review (AAR) exercise to help make course corrections.
  • Measurement and accountability tools for staying focused and consistent.
  • An Integrity Pledge to bring honor to your commitments, promises, and goals.
  • Screen saver and desktop reminders.
  • A series of web seminars where I’ll coach you to perform at your personal best.
  • iPhone delivery for those who like their knowledge on the fly.

From all account this challenge seems like the real deal.  I believe that there is a certain date that you need to sign up for the challenge by so I would head over to learn more about it now.

If you’re struggling to stay on track, constantly getting distracted, or just can’t seem to stay motivated- then I would recommend that you take the 100 day challenge.

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