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5 Questions About “Being Direct” With Women

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1. What is the secret of using “direct” openers with women?

See direct is whole mindset of Dominant/ Confident guy. True Man doesn’t bullshits why he’s around a woman, he’s clear that he’s attracted to the girl he talks to, and he’s clear about what he wants from her.

If a woman says no, it is not a big deal for him, because he’s aware that he cannot have every woman, and he’s aware of that some woman search for long term relationship, and full time boyfriend, the roll he cannot / doesn’t want to  play.

Direct opener, is not an opener, it’s an attraction + sexual escalation + frame setter, all at once. Direct game removes all need for DHV’s , openers, attraction material, negs and all other unnecessarily bullshit.

Woman will appreciate that you are so confident, bold and direct.

I received an email/question from my student just a minute ago, and it explains very well what it means being direct:

“After several minutes of talking to this Hot girl in lounge I ask her ‘what is your favorite position in sex…’

She goes and says ‘hey you need to find it out yourself’…lol

But here it comes.. Then she goes, ‘while we are so direct: do you wanna fuck me tonight…’

Direct removes surface of you playing/seducing girl, it removes whole Game bullshit.

2. What advice do you have for guys looking to “man up” or get some courage being more aggressive with women?

Just ask yourself do you want to be a Pussy or a Man? Every day there is more and more boys being feminized, while female’s are fighting over the several remaining man who know how to be a Real Man.

3. How do recommend guys improve their conversation skills? Any tips or techniques for keeping the conversation flowing?

Conversational skills?!?!  WTF… why would you want to talk to woman?

Conversation is OVERRATED.

Ask yourself, do you really enjoy talking to woman?? Does it make you hot? The only reason why you are talking to woman is to get them to bed. See, you don’t need to talk to them to get them to Bedroom. There are better/faster ways to do it.

In Direct game, talking/rapport/cuddling/comfort comes after the sex, not before!!

4. What differences have you noticed between European women and American women?

American woman are more open for ONS relationships, sexual adventures, just because sex is less taboo. Most of the European girls are still very Long Term Relationship orientated.

5. What’s your favorite method for “going for the kiss?”

I have several kiss moves I use; it really depends on environment/situation.

If I am in club, I would just push her against the wall/doors, put her arms above her head, and kiss her.

If I am on date it would whisper to her ear: I am resisting myself not to kiss you right now. Smile, and go in and kiss her.

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