How to Score South American Women

Roosh is a Washington DC native and worked as a scientist until he pulled out of the rat race to pursue a slower lifestyle. A member of the old Mystery?s Lounge, Roosh built up his game after college, cumulating with the release of his book Bang almost seven years later. Roosh just published his second book about his six month trip to South America in late 2007 called A Dead Bat in Paraguay.

1. Tell us a little bit about the difference between gaming American women (like you are used to) or gaming Colombian women (like you?ve been doing the past couple months)?

There?s several cultural differences that make pick-up in Colombia much harder. For example everyone in Colombia goes in huge, mixed-set groups to clubs and bars where they sit down for the entire night. In America you?ll always have pairs of girls mingling in bars that make it much easier to approach them. In Colombia you can?t use the strategy of waiting until the weekend to go out and hit on girls because there very well may be too few targets for you to try on. Therefore day game is much more important in Colombia. Even internet pick-up plays here, something I?ve never bothered with in the States.

Another difference is that Colombian girls are more flakey than American girls. Setting a date in Colombia really means nothing, and you better have a back-up plan especially if it?s set on the weekend. In Colombia it?s important to establish a solid connection before you get her number to decrease flaking.

2. Since a language barrier makes non verbal communication much more important, are there any tips or insights you?ve realized during your time gaming South American women?

The less you talk the language, the more you need to dance. Take her to a club, buy some drinks, and at the minimum you?ll at least make out with her after a couple hours. Since the relationship will be purely physical, getting the bang that same night won?t be difficult. The last thing you want to do is take her to a quiet, cozy bar where you stare at her like an idiot without anything to say. Dance your way into her pants instead.

3. What is a typical ?date? like with a South American girl?

Since I speak a bit of Spanish I take them to a decent lounge where I can sit next to them and begin touching, first on her forearm and then her thighs, with a sarcastic palm-read thrown in somewhere in the middle. After one or two drinks I do a venue change to another bar where I talk less and touch more, until I get the kiss there. If she doesn?t have a curfew (a lot of Colombian girls do), I will invite her to my apartment nearby for a drink or to show her travel pictures. In the States I usually get the kiss before the first date, but in Colombia it takes a bit more time, and there has been cases where I didn?t even get it at the end of the first date.

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