4 Warning Signs You’ve Got “Oneitis”

At some point or other in our lives we?ve all battled the dreaded ?oneitis.?? ?Oneitis? is a term that became popular with the release of Neil Strauss?s book The Game but it is something that has been afflicting men for years.

?Oneitis? can be described as falling hard for a woman.? Real hard. And it usually happens real quickly.

It sort of sneaks up on you, puts a pillow case over your head ? and then beats you mercilessly for the next five weeks.

There is nothing inherently wrong with ?falling for a woman.? At some level, that is what most of us are in this game for. The problem with ?oneitis? is that we fall so hard and so quick that it leaves us powerless to play the game to win. And it turns us into pansy beta males, and will often lead to us swiftly scaring the unsuspecting woman away.

Once you?ve got full blown ?oneitis? you can rarely cure yourself of it in time to salvage the relationship. You?ll have displayed way too much neediness, insecurity, and vulnerability for her to ever take you seriously as a man.

But if you can catch it in the early stages, and take swift action against it, you might just able to reclaim your dignity.

Here is a list of four warning signs that you?ve moved past the ?acceptable? level of interest in a woman and are headed toward ?oneitis.?

4 Warning Signs of ?Oneitis?

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms below, quickly head to your local bar, snatch up the drunkest, sluttiest girl possible, and bring her back to your house and have porn star style sex with her. If this doesn?t work, repeat the process until it does.

1. You think she might be ?the one?

Anytime you begin having thoughts of marrying a woman, or picturing what your children will look like before you?ve actually slept with her ? you can almost be certain that you will NEVER sleep with her.

You don?t really get to know someone until you?ve dated them for at least six months (preferably a year) so any decision that you make about your future with them before then is simply based on a distorted sense of reality.

If you hear yourself telling your friends ?she might be the one? you might just have ?oneitis?.

2. You think ?she’s different? and you don?t need to play the game

One of the surest signs that you NEED to play the game is when you start thinking that you don?t need to play the game.

Odd. I know.

But for some reason ?oneitis? is extremely deceptive. And we tend to believe that just because we have these strong feelings for the woman that she has them back.

If you find yourself thinking ?I don’t need to wait to call her? or ?She?s the kind of girl who would like flowers? you might just have ?oneitis?.

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