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How to Maximize Your Success with Day Game

Jeremy Soul is recognized as one of the top dating coaches for meeting women in the day time. He runs his own day game workshops across the globe and he will be speaking at the Love Systems Super Conference (Oct 9-11 in Las Vegas). Here is a recent interview with Jeremy.

What are you going to talk about at the Love Systems Super Conference 2009?

I’ll be talking on two things: Day Game and Sexual Framing. Day Game will focus on why you should meet women in the daytime and how to approach them in the best possible way. Day Game is still my specialty. I’ve met most of my girlfriends in the daytime and it’s something I still love doing.

Sexual Framing is going to focus on how to embrace and demonstrate your male sexuality, specific physical progression techniques, and strategies for getting more adventurous in the bedroom with a woman (whether it’s in a relationship or the first time you meet her). I’m really into sexually open-minded girls and like to push the boundaries, so this is a topic that’s really close to my heart.

Could you give some tips for overcoming escalation anxiety?

There’s no substitute for taking action. It really is nerve wracking to try to kiss a woman, ask her to come home with you, or try to take her clothes off the first time. The only way you ever get comfortable doing these things is to try them a bunch of times – so that’s what you need to do!

Escalation anxiety is just as bad as approach anxiety for most guys. It can be really useful to set yourself process-oriented goals (rather than result-oriented goals), e.g. “I am going to ask every woman I go on a date with this month to come home with me,” instead of “I’m going to take home every woman I go on a date with this month.”

If you execute the correct process many times, the results will come naturally.

You’re recognized as one of the best day game expert for awhile now. What are some common problems you see with students trying to learn day game? What do you tell them to fix that?

One of the most common issues is not showing any value to the woman within the first couple of minutes.

Guys will approach a girl, stutter their words, fail to smile, and then proceed to ask her a hundred questions without making any statements about themselves. None of this helps to generate her attraction towards them.

Make sure you try to look confident: stand tall, don’t slouch, know exactly what you’re going to say and articulate it clearly. Wait for her response before you continue – it’s very unattractive to keep rambling endlessly without purpose.

Then, ask a couple of questions to find out about her, and use that information to relate your own life to hers and show that you have interesting things going on in your life.

We all have a few “Mastery Topics” that we know a lot about (for example, some of mine are traveling, dating, dancing and reading). If you can steer the conversation towards those topics, she’ll see that you’re a really interesting person and become attracted to you.

If you want to find out more information on the Love Systems Super Conference, click here. Seats are filling up fast so make sure you book your spot!

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