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How to Live the Jet Set Life

“You?re looking at the luckiest guy in the world. I get to live my dream life. I spend over 100 days a year traveling the world with the girl of my dreams while my muse takes care of the bills. I decided that the way of my life, the quality of my life, is way more important to me than working like crazy (as we do in America) for a big pile of cash at the end of our lives (the deferred living plan).

Most of the world (Europe, South America, etc.) have been really living their lives in a way that we Americans frankly have never seen. Yes, we have more money — there?s no doubt about that. We also have more heart attacks, depression, and obesity than the rest of the world. I want to share with you what living could really be like. I want to inspire you to live. Really live. Let?s listen to that still small voice within and do what we LOVE to do. Let?s have Sunday night feel just as good as Friday night. This isn?t a dress rehearsal! Excuse are over. It?s time to live!

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What defines the Jet Set Life style?

Jet Set Life is all about refusing to live the deferred life plan. Our motto is Excuses are over. It?s time to live!

First hot spot that comes to mind when I say:

a) Craziest party place? Super Paradise & Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos

b) Best place to take your girlfriend/wife? Assuming you are referring to romance, I would say the Amalfi Coast Italy & Capri.

c) Place to stay away from? Cancun — too touristy, over run with all-inclusive drunken vacationers

d) Place that made me wish I was single? I never wish I?m single, but if I had to pick I?d say Mykonos.

e) Place I could call home? Cap Martin, French Riviera and Florence, Italy

f) Next place I?m headed? Florence, Italy

You talk a lot about ?muses? what are they? And how do they put you on the path to a Jet Set Life?

A muse is a business that allows you to create an automated, scalable, location-independent income. By having one or more muses, you can create the income to allow you to do what you want, when you want.

What is the most inspiring story you?ve heard or come across in your travels?

In Rio, Kim and I planned to go hang gliding. The company picked us up at the hotel and we ended up sharing a cab ride with another couple. As the day went on we got to know this down-to-earth couple well, only to find out that our new friend had written and sold a movie to Disney and is currently purchasing and developing coastal land in Brazil. I learned that every five years he takes on a new project to master. He?s worked in business, film and now real estate and is truly living a global Jet Set Life.

What is the biggest thing keeping people from living the Jet Set Life?

First, a clear vision of what having a Jet Set Life means to them … meaning, where they want to travel, how often, what they really want to do with their life (other than amassing wealth). Second, they haven?t developed the skill set to create the passive income stream to fund their lifestyle. Third is fear. The fear of failure, fear of learning the new skill set.


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