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Ever since meeting Brad P at the Super Conference last year in Los Angeles I have been devouring everything this guy has ever created.

It was apparent within five minutes of watching him captivate the audience that THIS GUY IS FOR REAL. And it wasn?t just students who were memorized by him ? well known instructors were hanging on his every word.

The minute his speech ended there was a line of students waiting to purchase the products he was hocking in the back of the room. In fact, I think he sold everything he had within minutes.

At that point, with my curiosity peaked, I began researching Brad P and trying to figure out how this guy slipped under my radar for so long.

I started listening to several interviews with him (David D?s, Love Systems). I quickly realized I needed to learn more and called up his reps for review copies of some of his courses. By the time I was through talking with top instructors, his students, and peers ? it was a no-brainer that this guy was voted 2008’s #1 PUA in the world.

I?ve already talked about how remarkable his Fashion Bible is.

But today, I wanted to discuss his Underground Dating Seminar. This is the best way to familiarize you with Brad P.

I was introduced to him listening to him live ? and there is one thing you realize as Brad P is up on a stage speaking: This guy has it all down.


He has MASTERED the idea of creating an identity that naturally attracts women. And trust me; he had to work at it. So it?s no surprise that Brad kicks off this recorded seminar with the topic of identity.

And if you haven?t already read the Fashion Bible, Brad spends time on this program going through a lot of the ?sexy stereotyping? and identity building concepts he first introduced in the Fashion Bible.? In this audio program Brad walks you through the process of choosing your ?identity? all the way toward going out and creating the wardrobe to match.

The fashion advice you will get from Brad blows away anything you?ll hear from any other dating coach out there.

Approaching and Opening

By the Underground?s third disc they begin to tackle the subject of approach anxiety. Brad, who spends a good part of his life working as a social worker, has some strong opinions on beating approach anxiety. He also tries to instill a ?blow me or blow me out? attitude into all of his approaches.

Brad generally uses a specific type of opener called The Shocker which is great because it immediately qualifies the woman for him. Much of the next two discs of the program is Brad walking you through his process of opening woman, and transitioning from his opener to the attraction building stage of a pickup.

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