How to Pick Up a Stripper

How do you pick up a stripper?

The main key to closing a stripper is breaking the mold. When I say this, I mean look at every other guy in the strip club.

What makes things easier for guys just starting out, is the fact we don?t need to approach the girls as they will approach us. But sometimes, if the stripper we would like to talk is not approaching, we need to force an IOI – when I say this I mean forcing eye contact and giving her a cheeky smile or some other unmistakable gesture.

You have two kinds of guys who go to these places. Super purvey cocky guys, and shy curious guys. The way I like to play it is a balance in the middle. I like to be laid back and confident, comfortable with eye contact and careful not to stare at their bodies.

When you ask for their name they will give you their fake stripper name ? try and get past that as soon as possible. So when I ask the name and they give it to me I will say ?Come on, I have had the decency to give you my name so at least you could do is give me yours.? This is to push their comfort zone as much as possible.

Try and talk about dreams and ambitions of theirs ? asking if stripping was something they always wanted to do is a great way to transition to their other goals in life.

This is to build a kind of comfort that sets you out from every other guy in there. I have written a blog on this subject on our blog that is in a bit more detail with examples.

Some guys I know in the community do have private dances but I personally don?t as I believe it puts me in the category of every other man in the place. When they ask me if I would like a dance I may come back with a cocky answer or I will just ignore the subject. A cocky answer I like to use is:

Her: Would you like a dance?

Me: No, I am good. Thanks. I am a rubbish dancer.

When I deliver this line I would always do it with a cheeky smile. Another thing to keep in mind is that these girls are not allowed to give their numbers out so when we go for the close we have to do it on the sly. Ways of doing this include remembering their number, typing it in the phone without anyone else seeing, getting them to go to the toilet and write it on a piece of paper. Or you can even go for a facebook close if she has an unusual name. ?(more on how to pickup a stripper)

How can a guy quickly build comfort for same night lay?

The key in my opinion to building comfort for a same night lay is being as non-threatening as possible but still maintaining yourself as a sexual being. By saying this I mean at no point do you want to come across as sleazy or needy.

Also find a strong connection point and be reactive to her emotions. When you discuss situations find out how these situations make her feel. Kino is very important as it naturally builds rapport and it makes it easier when it comes to actually escalating. Have a valid reason for leaving, for example ?Shall we go get some food?? and just lead her to yours with the intention of getting food. Moving venues is very effective. It can be venue to venue or just club to smoking area.

It is also a good idea to build comfort with her friends as this will massively increase her comfort with you if she can see her friends are comfortable with you. Another thing I try to do is not kiss them in the club. I will do it outside the club maybe or on the way to get the food. Also if you change your target in the night and she has seen you kissing another girl earlier in the night, it can damage the comfort you?ve built.

What are the main things holding your students back from success?

The main thing holding students back is that they believe they do not deserve to speak to the girl(s) they like. By not approaching the girl it allows them to avoid rejection. Rejection for a man can be massive, the core, it questions your whole existence and your role as a man.

Image pick up is like selling. If you believe in the product or service you have to offer, then the selling process is easy. If you don?t believe in what you have to offer, then selling it will be difficult and you will have to project through a lot of negative emotions.

The skills in pick up are like selling. If you do not believe in yourself and what you have to offer, then regardless of any opener or techniques you use, you will feel like you are imposing on the girl. If you want to be good with girls, you first need to work on yourself. How can you expect other people to like you if even you don?t like yourself?

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