Accidental Swearing In Sports: “MF-er Hit My Penis!”

Let’s face it, folks: Football is a contact sport. And contact sport means that, every now and then, someone is going to get hit in the cock. That’s why the gentlemen who toss around the pigskin on Sundays, Mondays, Saturdays, Thursdays – well, nearly every day of the week at this point – they all wear cups. The thing is, what isn’t usual is when cameras catch a football player audibly claiming to his fellow teammates that an opposing players (who, in this case, is labeled with the term “motherfucker”) has done gone hit his penis.

The video [via Deadspin] shows a Mr. Simoni Lawrence (LB) of Minnesota making the claim. And if someone already hasn’t commissioned a series of T-shirts with this phrase stitched across it, this isn’t the entrepreneurial America that I know and love:

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