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Horror Movie Cliché-Watch: Dead Cell Phones


We’ve all been there: You’re running through a forest or log cabin or former nuclear test sight, being chased by some kind of mutant ax-wielding maniac, when you finally realize, “Oh, I should probably call for help on my trusty, never-once-failed cell phone.” But then, when you turn on the phone and try to get a signal, you have less bars than South Holland, Illinois. (They’re a dry town, folks.)

In fact, it’s so common that horror filmmakers from around the world have taken this little bit of everyday life and incorporated it into nearly every horror movie ever made. And now some industrious soul has put together a nice little video [via Boing Boing] that splices together a bunch of these “dead cell phone” moments that have occurred in the cinema post-2000. Enjoy.

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Rick is the editor for TSB magazine.

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