Kennedy Guy Style

We can learn a lot from the Kennedy men where style is concerned. Each of them realized that true style was important and had no problem with giving it the time and respect that it deserved. If we all thought that way ? we?d be some stylish sons of bitches.

Joseph Kennedy Sr. ran a tight ship ? the books don?t lie. But his example and ambition for his family help shape the men that would become politics? greatest martyrs. Joseph Kennedy Sr. had a wardrobe that was as intimidating as his credentials. He wore the three-piece suit well.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy?s (JFK) most stylish accessory was his beautiful wife ? Jackie Kennedy (Onassis). Putting that aside for a moment, his suits ? tailored just for him are iconic. So much so, that Brooks Brothers released a line of tailored suits in the tradition of JFK and called it, The Kennedy. JFK kept it classic in every since of the word. In his spare time, khakis were generally the pants of choice. Whether or not that would be with a shirt or a sweater would be up to him.

While campaigning, JFK kept it traditional with a youthful spin. A prime example of this was in the presidential debate that he had with Richard Nixon. An amazing 70 million viewers tuned in on their television sets to see the debate which would be one in a series of four.

Those that listened on the radio thought that Richard Nixon was the standout winner. Those that watched the debates on TV thought that JFK was the stand out victor.

So who was it that actually won? I would let a majority of the general public decide.

70 million people saw Richard Nixon sweating and hunched over in a basic suit. They also saw a young and nimble JFK not sweating at all, in fact looking quite comfortable in a tailored suit with straight and broad shoulders.

Looks do matter ? and this was something that Joseph Kennedy made sure that his sons understood.

Where JFK was careful, Robert Kennedy took risks. Robert Kennedy was the style maverick of the family. I hate the word maverick, but I wouldn?t know how else to describe Robert Kennedy in reference to his personal style.

RFK, or Bobby Kennedy, served as Attorney General after his older brother (JFK) was assassinated until he publicly split with President Johnson on his stance surrounding the Vietnam War. He later campaigned for president and became a front runner.

His campaigning techniques were unorthodox. By unorthodox ? I mean his ability to connect with everyman. He was certainly a rogue politician with an agenda out of this world ? so was his style.

Bobby Kennedy believed in getting his hands dirty and had no problem with turning up his long sleeves to create a free and expressive look. That look is still copied today ? I see guys with turned up sleeves everywhere.

Wouldn?t buying a short sleeve shirt be more efficient? Certainly, but not half as cool.

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