How to Be a Nice Guy and Still Get the Girl

Dharam, from Pua Training, has a very unusual style of pickup that defies the countless theories stating ways that men need to be ultra ?Alpha? to be good with women. Dharam believes in being what he calls ?Alpha-Beta? which, simply put, is being yourself.

With all this knowledge, it was only a matter of time before Dharam mastered his own game under the astute tutelage of Master Pickup Artists such as Gambler, AFC Adam and Vito.

Dharam has a nice guy approach to pickup unique to himself, and now uses this knowledge to help other guys, and continue his search for his ideal girl.? You can grab a copy of his ebook ?Nice Guy Game? completely free.

How can a guy be a ?nice guy? and still get the girl?

This is a very subjective question with the term ?nice guy? often depicting the stereotype of a guy finishing last; thus not being able to get the girl. This isn?t necessarily the case and all women you ask will say that it is not they prefer rude over nice, discarding over caring or inattentive to attentive, it is often they cannot find ?nice guys?.

The reason women say this is that the ?nice guys? show no sexual interest or interest beyond friendship, as a result women feel they?ve no ?nice guys? with interest in them, where as the ?bad boys? have no problem displaying their interest.

As such, the biggest thing a guy can do to be a ?nice guy? and still get the girl is to start displaying their interest and to have the biggest impact and biggest chance of getting the girl, this should be done with action, not words. You see when ?nice guys? display their interest it is often done verbally, as such they are effectively conveying that they do not necessarily have the confidence to escalate, so I?ll tell you I like you and wait for the green light from you before I escalate and even kiss you, even though this may or may not be the case. As well as saying this, you must consider what you are doing to the girl the moment you verbalize you like her, you are placing a lot of responsibility on her shoulders, responsibility she didn?t have a second ago and a person?s natural reaction to such responsibility is to take a step back, even if she were to like you back. It is like going in for a kiss too quick, even if a girl wants to kiss you back if you lunge in the body?s reflex to this will be to move the head back as it could be misconstrued as almost a head butt. In conclusion, I would say the biggest thing a guy can do to be a ?nice guy? and still get the girl is to start displaying interest with action.

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