Best Weekend Reading From Around the Web

Best Weekend Reading

Playboy Party Bucharest 2008Pysch, from Pua Training posting an interesting article about opening calibration when you’re in the field picking up women.

If you need some good openers, get your free ebook of pua openers I recently began giving away.

If this article about spiritual women having the most sex is correct, you might want to start hanging out at yoga or meditation classes… and spending your Sundays at church.

Weekend Eye CandyDaily Female Objectification

Need to liven up a party?  Try one of these seven drinking games from around the world.

Most men just don’t rock enough style.  Take a look at some of these most stylish men of all time for some inspiration and ideas for how to add some flair to your wardrobe.

Weekend Eye Candy: Mouth Watering Bikini Pics

Nick Quick has put together some really cool videos for getting one night stands.  I’ll be interviewing Nick on Monday… so leave comments below with any questions you might have.

People always wonder what to talk about on a first date.  Try one of these 5 first date questions to ask.

There are quite a few guys out there who hold onto a victim mentality… which will never take you far in life. If you’re one of those guys learn the 7 tips to break out of a victim mentality.

Weekend Eye Candy: 25 Best Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Videos of all time

If you want to keep up to the minute with all of the hot stuff going on his your neck of the woods I would suggest getting on the Thrill List.

Here is a cool article comparing playboy parties to college parties.

For our Asian readers… How Asian guys can be more attractive to women of all races.

If enjoy the misfortunes and humilation of others… you’ll love this list of the 15 biggest internet jackasses of all time.

Weekend Eye CandyNude Pillow Fighthing

pty halown06-35Here some essential guy apps for your phone.

If you’re tired of getting amogged or cockblocked by a bunch of alpha male jackasses… read this article over at the Spear Head on handling alpha male interlopers.

Gone Savage posted an interesting little rant on sex and happiness.

Deals of the Week

Brad P lowered the price of his Underground Dating Seminar by half price.  It is a really solid program, and sh0ws why Brad is considered the best in the world.

Joseph Mathews is offering his famous ebook The Art of Approaching (along with a ton of good bonuses) for just $9.99.  I paid over $40 for it when I bought it… and thought it was worth it then.

Pick up a copy of Social Superstar for half price.  The paperback book is now available for under $20.

Take a bootcamp with AFC Adam Lyons.  Check out his schedule.

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