The Secrets Same Night Lays

Nick AKA Adonis is a world-class expert in the art of getting beautiful women into bed soon after meeting them. has spent five years working as a manager in some of the finest strip clubs in Las Vegas, as well as an additional half-dozen years working in the clubbing industry. The guy knows how to get women in night settings.

He has recently released his long awaited program: The Secret of Same Night Lays.

So I thought now would be a great chance to talk with him.

What are the common mistakes men make preventing them from getting same night lay?

They waste their entire night talking to girls that are not viable Logistical Candidates for a Same Night Lay. At the end of the night, the biggest ?cock-block? is never a girl?s unattractive friend, it?s not your buddy who can?t get laid so he tries to fuck up all your interactions, it?s not the ?AMOGs? in the club … It?s the ticking clock! Time is what will cock-block you more than anything!

If at the end of the night, you haven?t found a viable Logistical Candidate, it?s pretty much game over for a Same Night Lay!!

Sure it?s fun to flirt with a girl you?re really digging (and I?m certainly NOT opposed to that!), but if you can?t get her that night, get her number and move on.

Can you give us a few tips for escalating the conversation to a sexual level quicker?

I?m glad you asked this because a lot of methods/systems will have you believe that it is ?bad game? to open with sexual stuff, but the way I look at it is women are in a bar for one reason and one reason only: They want to get laid by someone new!

I contend that women like sex and have far stronger sexual urges than men (though we, as men, are ?not supposed? to know that). Women may consciously choose to go to a bar to dance, to drink, to hang out with their friends, but the unconscious motivation is that they want sex!

If they really just wanted to dance with all their girls, they could gather them all up at one of the girl?s houses, pop in Lady GaGa, and dance all night for much cheaper and they wouldn?t have to spend two hours getting dolled up in uncomfortable shoes and restrictive (but revealing) clothing. If they wanted to party and drink, they could buy a bottle of patron and drink it to the sounds of the newest Black-Eyed Peas song at home for far less money.

But they are doing all this in a club…well, you do the math!

Now that we have that clear, let?s move into how you can get things more sexual right from the early stages of the interaction. One of my favorite things to say to a woman in the first few minutes of the interaction is:

?You know what … looking at you at face value you seem like a really nice girl … all prim and proper … but I detect a serious naughty side ;)?

When you say things like that early in the conversation you will notice a shift in her demeanor. She will now feel free to act on that ?naughty? side of hers.

Another one I like to do is one you can open with:

?Why are girls in Las Vegas (insert whatever city you happen to be in) … soooo … fucking … WILD!???

This frames them to respond to you like ?wild? girls (or screens them out on the rare occasions they respond ?we?re not!? Never feel obligated to talk to girls that are going to be NO FUN, no matter how hot they are!).

I could give dozens more, but I think guys get the basic idea.

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