Muppets Take Mad Men

We make it no secret that we’re big fans of AMC’s Mad Men around these parts. (At this point, how could you not be?) But what’s not so well known is that we’re also big fans of Sesame Street because, well, we’re human beings and have a heart, goddamnit! So when we stumbled upon our favorite children’s show putting their puppeteers to work by creating a parody of Mad Men, well, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point it out:

This obviously immediately surpasses Ma Men as our favorite Mad Men parody to date. It’s, as the ad execs say in the piece, “an emotional rollercoaster”. But one where all of the emotions are fun! The only problem is their inability to find a puppet with Christina Hendricks-size breasts. But that’s probably for the best, so as not to emotionally scar our children for life.

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