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Fun With Sports Predictions: The Mike Blowers Incident


For many teams, the end of the baseball season is a bit of a surreal existence. Most of them, by this point, have been knocked out of the playoff hunt for awhile now, and are just going through the motions, taking the field every day, doing yeoman’s work in front of a skeleton crew of fans. It’s a good time for managers to get a sense of what young players might be worth holding onto for next year – leading to plenty of “first major league at-bats” – as well as a time for announcers to let loose and just start having some fun.

Which brings up to Mike Blowers. Blowers is an announcer for the Seattle Mariners and, before the game, he was asked to make a prediction about what was going to happen. Having some fun with it, Blowers went ahead and made a, let’s say, pretty precise prediction about what was going to go down. As you’ll see, Blowers should have made that prediction in Vegas instead of the broadcast booth.

Here’s Rachel Maddow, breaking down exactly what went down:

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