Best Weekend Reading From Around the Web

Best Weekend Reading

[mb] White Trash B-day Party (94)I just started writing a column over at The Bachelor Guy.  You can read my first one, How to Banter with Women.  Leave some comments and let me know what you think.

Mademan put together a list of timely Halloween costumes for 2009.  You just had to know there was going to be a John and Kate plus 8 costume.

Speaking of Halloween costumes, here are 17 Michael Jackson Halloween costumes creepier than the the real thing.

New video of Kezia talking about the roles of alpha males in the media. Besides the great info, you get to see Kezia cuddled up in bed in skimpy shorts.

Here is a good post all about how to step outside of your comfort zone.  Keep reading these kind of articles until you do it.  This is the secret to happiness and success.

Weekend Eye CandyMaxim’s 2009 Campus Cuties Video

Leave it to Roosh to remind us exactly how much girls lie.

Who needs to learn how to pickup women when there are such extremely hot mail order brides available.

Ask Men published an article all about hairstyles women hate.  You had to know the mullet was going to make the list.

Wing Girl answers the question Does she like me or is she trying to get over her ex? Also, if you haven’t heard it yet I did an interview with Wing Girl a couple months ago.  It was a cool conversation.

Speaking of interviews… I did an interview with Nick Quick all about How to get a same night lay.

Weekend Eye Candy Real College Breasts

Learn what your favorite MMA fighter says about your personality.

If you tend to like to party a lot during the week, learn 10 ways to get through work with a hangover.

Deals of the Week

I’m hearing good things about the Asian Dating Masters program.  I’ll tell you what, if you pick up a copy of it, I’ll send you an exlusive interview I did with the Asian playboy that has not yet been released.

Over at Great Seducer, I have a special bonus offer for anyone who purchases anything from Nick Quick’s Same Night Seduction.

Brad P dropped the price of the Underground Dating Seminar to $99.  Consider this is the premier product from the universally recognized world’s best pick up artist… I think its a bargain.  It had been selling for $200 a few weeks ago.

And finally, Joseph Mathews is offering his classic book The Art of Approaching for just $9.99.  Considering I paid $49.00 when I bought it… its a steal.

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