How to Score a Woman Like Kezia Noble

Interview with Kezia Noble

Kezia is 25-year-old native Londoner who must have heard every pick up line in and out of the book. None would work unless there was a connection made.

Introduced to Gamblers techniques in September 2006 she began to attend the PUA training Bootcamps ? a true skeptic at first. But when she witnessed the transformation of students, some unable to even hold eye contact with a woman to, by the evening, maintaining conversations with up to 5 women at once and getting their phone numbers too, she was convinced that this method could work, and the responses from the students weeks later were all positive.

Do you know what first impression you make? Do you know how your conversation skills effect a woman? Do you know what they think of your body language? These are the unique skills that Kezia offers.

What are some of the most ?annoying? things guys do when they are hitting on you in a bar or club? What would you tell your students to NEVER do?

What I find annoying is the over use of negs. One neg is cool and another if I start misbehaving, but when it?s constant and without reason then I really begin to HATE the guy. Cocky/funny is not the same as negging a girl. Some negs are just sugar coated insults, and the man has to be aware of taking negging too far, and should monitor her reactions, rather than just lapping up the short term power that negging SOMETIMES brings.

Another annoying thing, is when guys avoid taking the conversation any deeper than surface level. They appear scared to create a deeper connection with the girl. So whenever I start to touch on emotions or deeper opinions and/or maybe a deeper point of view on things, the guy becomes some sort of a bimbo who seems as if he cannot handle it, and in turn he moves the conversation back to light fluffy chit chat. This is highly annoying, and it makes him look like he is either afraid to make any impact or that he?s a male bimbo.

Another annoying thing that guys do when they are hitting on me is something that I help my students with a lot. It?s when men ask too many questions. It feels like an interrogation and each question seems to lead nowhere except another question. It makes the guy seem very one dimensional, and I think it?s safe to say that an interrogation of any kind is certainly not a conversation.

What does a guy have to get a girl like you to leave the bar with him and follow him back to his place for one night stand? What traits, actions, words?

The whole one night stand issue!

The best thing to do in this situation is to cleverly and subtly challenge the girl. Make her feel that she is coming across a ?good girl? or a ?nice girl?. In fact go as far to say, that she is the type of girl you would love to introduce to your parents ? they would be so proud that you had finally found a ?nice girl?.

Then drop her a hint later, and tell her that you wish you were not drawn to bad girls so much (look really sincere when you say this) tell her that you just find ?bad girls? so sexy and strong.

You see, you have to make her feel like you view her as some sort of a granny/nun/goody too shoes! This really annoys girls, and especially if you say that you think ?bad girls? or ?wild girls? are strong assertive women.

She will want to prove to you that she is not a good girl! And what better way, than to go back home with you and show you what she is really made of!

If a student was only going to listen to one piece of advice you gave him about gaming women ? what would normally make the biggest impact on their success ratio?

One thing? This is hard, because there are about 5 major things that I think are all very important. But I would say being ?unapologetic? is extremely powerful.

Whether you are telling her what you do, your opinion, your passions and EVEN your faults, it should always be done in a completely unapologetic manner with no need at all for any type of approval from the woman who he is talking to.

A lot of my students come to me and say ?Kezia, I don?t understand it. I?m a successful business man, I run my own company, I keep fit, I have lots of hobbies and many interests, and yet sometimes I will go to a party and there will be a complete loser there, who does absolutely nothing with his life, he has no ambition, no education etc, and yet intelligent and good looking women are drawn to him and not me!?

The difference is, the man they are drawn to shows no sign of vulnerability or apology for his chosen life style, and yet a lot of my (successful in business) students, always seem so needy and almost apologetic when they talk about themselves, even though they have technically achieved a lot.

Women are not drawn to people pleasers, or men who are at the mercy of her reaction or opinion to what he does or says.


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