Bounce To Your Affirmations: Five Jams Every Player Needs To Bump

Remember when you first heard about ?affirmations?? It seemed so simple. Write down what you want; the man you want to become; the habits you want to implement. Tape your ?affirmation sheet? to your mirror. Read it every morning and night. And then voila! You get an instant pimp-hand (just add girl).

Obviously, this ?magic formula?-line of reasoning sounds absurd to any field-hardened player. Reading some hocus-pocus before and after bed isn?t going to ?program? you into a cyber-pimp ? it?s only going to cut into some much-needed sleep. Do you really believe that reading 5 minutes in the morning and evening can offset 23 hours and 50 minutes lived otherwise? If you?re scampering through life a scared little pussy, reading some crap you taped to your mirror isn?t going to help much.

However, affirmations ? in and of themselves ? are not a waste of time. Knowing what you want, the type of man you want to become, and the habits you want to implement is the roadmap to becoming the boss player. But the next step has to be constantly reinforcing those affirmations throughout your day. A perfect way to accomplish this is by listening to music.

Although, passively listening to whatever comes on the radio isn?t enough. Most of the trash produced by pop culture actually negates the player lifestyle. Perhaps it?s a debate akin to asking whether the chicken or the egg came first, but what did come first: wimpy men or wimpy music for men? Whenever I see a sad EMO clown moping around as if his puppy just got AIDS, I wonder if his negativity attracted him to EMO music or if EMO music made him negative. Regardless, a cycle is in motion: sad dudes listen to sad music > sad music makes dudes sad > sad dude listens to more sad music. And this cycle holds true with anything ? if you?re listening to music that reinforces shit mindsets, you are programming yourself to adapt these shit mindsets.

So without further ado, here are five songs I bumped on repeat when I was de-programming myself as a tool, and re-programming myself to be a cyber-pimp. These are songs written by players for players. I will accompany each musical selection with a brief description of the mindsets I admire in the song.

5. ?Push It? ? Rick Ross

I remember driving to the club, blasting this song and trembling, as I let Rick Ross convince me to ?push it to the limit.? Even though it?s a song about trafficking drugs, the catchy hook (set to the Scarface theme) became my mantra for social interactions with babes: push it to the limit. There?s no way you?ll forget to move an interaction forward when Rick Ross says it about a gazillion times. Out for a night on the town? PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT. Talking a girl? PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT. Got her number? PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT. You have no reason to puss out ? Rick said so!

4. ?I?m a Playa? ? Tech N9ne

Let?s face it: you are what you are. Wherever you?re at now, chances are you?re probably reading this article because you want to become a full-fledged player. Even if it?s just until you meet that perfect girlfriend, letting Tech N9ne chant your new reality back to you is empowering. Not only that, this song also has some ?hot tips? on how to live the player lifestyle (i.e. if you?re taking chickens to your secret home (hey), always go through the back, confuse them, take the long way?).

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