Bloopers and Boners: Look Both Ways!

Everyone knows that sports bloopers are the greatest thing in the world, ever. So it is with great pleasure that I bring to you one of the greatest ones I’ve seen in the past dozen or so years. Here’s a quick tip to the kiddies out there: If you’re taking part in a track and field event – you know, the sport with the people are running as quickly as they can? – try as hard as you can not to get in their way. Or else this may happen:

Sports By Brooks, [LINK: ] breaks down the main characters in this epic drama:

The random female athlete walking into long jumper Kofi Prah’s path is three-time World Champion distance runner Gabi Szaco, shortly after she won the mile at the Sparkassen Cup in Stuttgart, 2001.

Well, that’s not a good way to start your reign as champion.

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