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The Return of Dolph!


It’s weird to consider that currently there’s a generation growing up that has no idea who Dolph Lundgren is, or the effect that he had on the state of our world. This is the star of Masters of the Universe, people! One of the two leads in Universal Soldier! The man who killed Apollo Creed! And yet, somehow, the children of today have never heard of the intimidating mass of muscle from Sweden.

Luckily, the wonderful folks over at Everything Is Terrible have put together a perfect compilation that will bring the children up to speed on Dolph very quickly. If you have a young nephew or toddler nearby, go get him and sit him in front of the warming computer screen glow. If you’re walking through the city reading this on your iPhone, feel free to locate the nearest child and force them to watch Dolph Almighty. Any way you can spread the word is a good one.

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Rick is the editor for TSB magazine.

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