Social Anxiety, Seduction Syllabus, and Bathroom Sex, Part 4

A Four-Part Interview with Brad P. (Part I, Part II, Part III)

Part IV

Brad took the idea of a “college course in seduction” a step further and decided to create an actual college for seduction. “For guys who are really looking to make the full commitment, I started The Pickup Mansion,” Brad explained. Essentially, Brad designed The Pickup Mansion with a vision of it being the all-inclusive way to get your dating life handled. Like a sleep-away college, students living in The Pickup Mansion all live together in the fully furnished, swanky Hollywood mansion. Brad and his staff of instructors routinely stop by and work with the “dormers.”

Students go out constantly in addition to studying pickup and self-development. They also learn through osmosis, being around like-minded housemates. “Right now we have seven guys living here and they’re all getting laid a lot,” Brad said like a proud father. “These guys are having like 5 times more sex than they were before.”

Boots and UtesMore than sex, Brad also spoke about the positive atmosphere and camaraderie between the housemates. He told me one story about a guy who had fallen into depression when he got there, but found support from the overwhelmingly positive environment. Eventually, the student let his surroundings overpower his depression. The student decided to remain at the mansion and Brad said he’s doing well now. “These guys stand by one another,” Brad said. “It’s a great learning environment.”

Once an underachiever with women, it seems this former submissive nice guy has come a long way from his friend zone days. As Brad said himself, he was “an overachiever in every aspect of [his] life,” but getting the dating thing handled was not as easy as playing basketball or learning an instrument (two things Brad also excels in). “It’s a process of trial and error,” Brad commented. Lucky for today’s student, it’s more “trial” than “error.” Having guys like Brad P. to guide students through the process while avoiding pitfalls like unrealistic expectations is why more and more men across the country and around the world are meeting, attracting, and dating women with more freedom, choice, and consistency.

“Take a guy like Hyper, one of my coaches,” Brad pointed out. “The guy has been at this since he’s been 18. That’s 4 years ago. He’s growing up with the right attitude about sex.” As Brad and I wrapped up our interview, and I realized I’ve slowly sipped away 5 cups of coffee, night had fallen over Manhattan. As I stepped into the cool evening, I thought over this “college for seduction” idea. Dating is probably one the most life-altering activities men undertake, yet we have no formal education in attracting and keeping a mate. The advice we get from our parents is usually notoriously awful as it usually encourages us to be one of those “submissive nice guys.” For most our lives, approach anxiety isn’t seen as a symptom of social anxiety, it’s an indicator we’re “being respectful” as approaching strangers with thoughts of sex (especially in a bathroom stall after 10 minutes of talking to them) is “highly inappropriate.”

As I pondered this, I realized I was walking exactly where I saw that hasty, red-faced businessman. How symptomatic is approach anxiety? Is it a symptom of social anxiety? Could it be even more? Perhaps approach anxiety is an even bigger issue – it’s a symptom of social stagnation, of living a life that’s haunted by bad (though “nice) decisions and missed (though “respectful”) opportunities. I can almost hear Brad’s voice, still ringing in my ear, saying, “I’m looking to give guys a higher quality of life. I want to get guys where social anxiety no longer controls them. That’s where I’m coming from.”

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