Video Fun!: Super Hornio Brothers 1

If there’s one big complaint about pornographic videos – and, friends, let me be frank and think there should be none – it’s that the plots in most of the movies are either hard-to-follow or completely ridiculous. You ordered a pizza and then banged the delivery man? Sure, that makes sense. But when exactly did he have time to cut a hole in the box (and the pizza!) and stick his penis inside of it? And how can he close the top without getting disgusting pizza all over his dong? And isn’t that quite the gamble that the girl on the other end of the door is okay with you having your penis on their pizza? 9 times out of 10, isn’t that kind of gamble doing to end up with sexual harassment charges and getting canned from the pizza delivery job? And, above all, isn’t that a health violation in some way?

In any case, it’s these plot details that cause many porn enthusiasts a few moments of hesitation before ultimately getting down to their own business. Luckily, certain video sequels (and 90% of porn are sequels, aren’t it?) have realized a quick way to solve this problem: By offering a non-pornographic condensed recap of what plot movements have happened thus far. This, a recap in front of Super Hornio Brothers 2 for what went on in the original film, is one of them:

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