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Relating to Women Emotionally: The Key to Attraction

How to?Create Emotional Connections with a Woman

People think logically, but behave emotionally. Just think of what drives you. If you were getting ready to workout, would you read a book on the benefits of exercise? or would you listen to a high-energy rap or rock song? Unless you?re a total nerd, obviously you?d pick the song. That?s because music ?pumps you up? and motivates you to take action.

Multiply that times ten for women.

While there is absolutely no scientific date to support this claim, women are ten times as emotional as men are. And the only way to influence a woman?s behavior is by engaging her on an emotional level. This sounds simple, but most men simply don?t get it. That?s because most men get their information about women from the media, listening to women, and/or ?pickup artist material? that appeals to guy-logic. Listening to a dude stand in front of an audience and ?explain? how to pickup a girl may stimulate your logical understanding of how to get girls, but it does nothing to your emotional side ? which is crucial for having successful interactions with girls.

Translating emotions to the ladies is simple. Hopefully you already understand that what a woman says she wants is NOT what she responds to. On a logical level, nerds think if a guy approaches a woman in a friendly way, buys her drinks, takes her out for dinner and asks her questions to keep the conversation going, then she will like him. Sorry nerds, that?s not how things work in the real world. Women simply do not respond to logic when it comes to attraction.

Women know this and often try to steer things in a logical direction. This is very tempting for the nerd who responds positively to logic ? but it?s a trap. As soon as things get too logical, women get bored, blame the man for it, and lose all interest. Let?s check out some examples of good and bad responses to ?logic trap? statements.

Bad Example

She said: So what do you do?

Nerd said: I work for blah, blah, blah

Good Example

She said: So what do you do?

Mack said: Yeah. I live close by.

Bad Example

She said: Don?t try to kiss me yet. We just met! Take me on a date first!

Nerd said: You?re wrong. Kissing is fine. I don?t see why we have to wait.

Good Example

She said: Don?t try to kiss me yet. We just met! Take me on a date first!

Mack said: Is sex all you think about? You are soooo bad, missy.

Put simply, women like to experience a full range of emotions. A great interaction for a woman puts her on an emotional rollercoaster. A true ladies? man can get a woman feeling lots of emotions. Avoid logic traps and always ask yourself: am I relating to her emotionally or logically? Logic is the language of nerds; emotion is the language of attraction. Never forget that.



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About Rob J. Rob J. is a writer and dating instructor in New York City. Themes that resonate in both his teaching and writing are masculinity, genuineness, rational self-interest, and general awesomeness.

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