You a Ladies’ Man Yet? This Valentines Day Tip will Make You One

I can tell if a guy has game long before I ever see him step to a girl. Often the way he talks, how he moves, when he shows emotion are all telltale signs whether a guy gets girl, or a guy thinks he gets girls. There are, however, certain litmus paper tests that immediately sift the real-deal playboys from the wannabes. For me, one time-tested way I quickly size up a guy’s game is talking about his favorite holidays to meet chicks.

Rublev TrinityOften guys will exclaim the best holidays to meet women are the holy trinity of debauchery: Halloween, New Years Eve, and St. Patty’s Day. “It’s so easy!” guys bellow, “You just show up to the bar and everyone’s in a good mood!” Each of these holidays has a built-in bonus, as well. Halloween encourages girls to dress sexily scant, New Years has the midnight kiss, and St. Patty’s Day has…well…tons of booze. While I agree the jovial spirit of these holidays lends itself to success with women, there’s a flaw in that logic…

…every other dude is thinking the same thing! Thus, Halloween, New Years Eve, and St. Patty’s Day are all “amateur night” when it comes to meeting women. Sure, you may momentarily strike up a conversation with some boozebag right before she bursts into the women’s room to vomit up her last martini. But is that really success with women? Perhaps if you’re an amateur, but no self-respecting mack wants to put up with hassle of crowded venues, annoying drunks, and incoherent women.

Thus, whenever a guy tells me he spent New Years Eve snuggled up in bed with a lady friend or St. Patty’s Day having a “bro out” at some shitty dive bar, I know I may be talking to a true ladies’ man. The real test, however, is hearing what he considers “primetime” holidays for meeting women. And there is one holiday in particular, one holiday that is quickly approaching, one holiday that if you step out of your house, you WILL meet hot, single women. That is holiday is…


Judging from the lame status updates I’ve read on Facebook the past few years, Valentines Day generally breaks people into two categories: 1.) couples who indulge in an overpriced night out to celebrate a pointless holiday, 2.) singles who bitch about the lameness of a pointless holiday and stay in bed, crying themselves to sleep. No one realizes there is an elusive third category of people lurking at a bar near you: hot, single, depressed girls going out to “have a drink.”

MCCALL STYLE & BEAUTYHave a drink? Sure, that’s what these girls say they’re doing, but don’t be fooled. What they’re really having is a last-ditch effort at romance. Trust me, if you see a girl at a bar on Valentines Day and she’s not with a guy, assume she has lowered standards, is receptive to your approach, and looking to indulge in some “romance.” Going out and picking up girls on Valentines Day is so easy it’s like using video game cheat codes. In fact, I was almost reluctant to write this article, as I don’t want guys swarming my stomping grounds, cashing in on this gorgeous little secret.

But as long as you stay out of the East Village this Valentines Day, heed my advice: true ladies’ men make a killing on Valentines Day. Fuck, I remember the first year I moved to the city and started practicing game proper, I took home a beautiful girl on Valentines Day, making all sorts of stupid mistakes along the way. Valentines Day is truly the rookies’ “get out of jail free” card, yet all the rookies are too rookie to realize it. So, this February 14, instead of sobbing in a fetal position while listening to Dashboard Confessional, get your ass in gear, hit your favorite nightclub, and meet the girl of your dreams! She’s waiting…with lowered expectations!

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About Rob J. Rob J. is a writer and dating instructor in New York City. Themes that resonate in both his teaching and writing are masculinity, genuineness, rational self-interest, and general awesomeness.