The 10 Most Dangerous Sex Mistakes Men Make (Part 1)


In just about every sex book out there, you’ll find this same tired, horribly cliché piece of advice:

“If you’re not satisfied with the sex that you’re having in your relationship, all you need to do is COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND MORE…”

So guys who want to have more exciting sex in their relationship will take their girlfriend out to dinner, and have a “serious talk” about how they’d like to have more and better sex. They’ll lay out all the logical reasons why having a better sex life would be healthy for their relationship, and how it would make them more happy and satisfied.

And if you’ve done this yourself, you know that “serious talks” like this do NOTHING to make her want to have sex with you more.

In order to make her make her want sex with you more – and in order to make her EAGER to fulfill your sexual fantasies – sex has to be exciting and pleasurable for her. And the only way that’s going to happen is if you’re consistently giving her orgasms.

If you can’t do that, then all the “communication” in the world will do NOTHING to stimulate her sex drive.

Now don’t get me wrong – I think that in the context of sexually exciting relationship, communication is a great thing. But you have to realize that unless you know how to make her cum, then you can “communicate” until you’re blue in the face and it will make ZERO difference in your sex life.


Another big sexual mistake men make is trying to give her the FIRST orgasm through intercourse. What men will usually do is to do some foreplay to “warm her up” – maybe two minutes of cunnilingus, or a little bit of finger stimulation. Then, they’ll go straight into intercourse, thinking that they can give her orgasms through sheer repetitive thrusting alone.

BIG mistake.

It wasn't me (unfortunately).The secret that most guys don’t know is that for women, the FIRST orgasm is actually the hardest to achieve. But once you’ve given her one orgasm, giving her the second, third, and fourth orgasms is actually much EASIER.

And for women, it is very difficult to achieve this first orgasm through intercourse. If you begin intercourse before she orgasms, then chances are that she will not have an orgasm AT ALL. A much better way to do things is to give her an orgasm with your fingers, or through oral sex BEFORE intercourse begins. This ensures that sex is a satisfying experience for her, no matter what. And it makes it many times more likely that she’ll have powerful orgasms when you’re having intercourse with her.

You need to learn how to give women orgasms with your hands and through oral sex. Otherwise, she will be BORED by your thrusting and will rarely achieve orgasm with you.


One of the most common sexual complaints I hear from women is that the vast majority of guys follow the “standard male sequence” in bed, and they HATE it. What is the “standard male sequence?” Basically it goes like this:

You initiate sex by kissing her, and kiss her until she’s adequately turned on to take her shirt off. Then you stimulate her breasts for the minimum required time to get to her vagina. Then you give her two minutes of obligatory cunnilingus to warm her up for intercourse. Then, you penetrate her and race to your own orgasm as fast as possible.

This is what MANY guys are doing in bed, but women absolutely DESPISE men who do this for two reasons:

First of all, approaching sex in a linear, sequential way like this is very BORING for a woman. If you do this over and over again in bed, sex will eventually become very monotonous and unexciting. And second of all, by following the “standard male sequence” you’re neglecting all of the other erogenous zones on her body. These other erogenous zones are not as obvious as her breasts or vagina – but they’re just as important.

There are actually SIXTEEN erogenous zones on a woman’s body that you should be familiar with, and use to give her pleasure. And if you’re only stimulating her breasts and vagina, then you’re missing out on 90% of the sexual pleasure you could be giving her.

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