Listicle Of The Internet Of The Moment: Greatest Extended Takes

Everyone loves a good Internet listicle, so when this little thing came across my Google Reader I knew I’d have to alert all of your beautiful, wonderful, heavily buxomed or massively endowed readers. The folks over at GeekWeek have gone through the entire film archives and broken down the best 20 “extended takes” in movies ever. While some are snoozers (“The Passenger”? No thanks!) there are plenty of classic movies cited like “Magnola”, “Kill Bill”, “Oldboy” and Hitchcock’s “Rope”. In any case, there are worse ways to spend your work day than heading over there and watching a bunch of them.

Here are two of our favorites from the list:

“The Shining”:


So folks, what’s your favorite? Note: The movie being on GeekWeek’s list is not vital to you naming it!

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