Rob’s Top 10 Dating Advice Resources…OF ALL TIME

As the dating advice industry keeps expanding, the avalanche of information has become daunting. Before you?ve even approached a girl, you?re supposed to pick a method, pick a guru, pick an opener, etc. How is a guy who has no experience cold approaching women supposed to sift the good information from the bad, the truth from the marketing hype? Well, to all my nascent ladies? men out there, here?s my Top 10 list of the best dating advice resources. For me, these canonical 10 resources reversed over two decades of ill-fated lady luck.

10.) ?Practical Pickup? by Entropy ? The everyman?s guide to dating, Entropy puts the ?bro advice? you?d get from Maxim,, or your pimped-out buddy on steroids. This beefs up the old ?be yourself? maxim with no-nonsense advice and to-the-point application. While I discovered this after I was deep into pickup, having read it earlier would?ve saved me the hassle and headache of acting weird and creepy.

9.) ?Mode One? by Alan Roger Currie ? This in-your-face manifesto is the dating advice equivalent of radical honesty. The hinges on Currie?s gutsy challenge to single men: be honest to be attractive. And by honest, Currie means sexual. After Currie rakes ?proper gentlemen? over the coals page-after-page, there?s no way you can stay stuck in your old habits of being ?Mr. Nice Guy.? While ?Mode One? ensures you never again wind up in the friend zone, it doesn?t ensure you?ll never get slapped in the face. So read at your own risk, but I highly recommend it to any guy who?s been the recipient of a ?Let?s just be friends? bomb.

8.) Cajun?s ?Keys to the VIP? appearance ? While not a ?dating resource? per se, watching Cajun absolutely dominate the field is highly motivating and very informative. The way he effortlessly exudes the utmost confidence and composure inspired me for months after I saw it. Much to the chagrin of the condescending judges, Cajun proved every stereotype and limiting belief wrong in three quick approaches. While resources for infield footage have vastly improved since my newbie days, Cajun?s ?Keys? appearance still exemplifies everything a guy needs to know to open, hook, and attract women in the blink of an eye.

7.) ?The Mystery Method? by Mystery ? I hope I pissed off both the MM fanatics and haters by placing this controversial classic at number 7. Devotees will complain Mystery started it all, inventing a ?systematic? approach to pickup, while critics will whine MM is outdated and ridiculous. I, on the other hand, believe the has its merits and its flaws. While most of the dogmas the purports are outrageous (and fictitious), MM got more guys off the sofa and into the nightclub than any other , ever. Read it for motivation, read it for nostalgia, hell even read it for comedy ? just don?t read it for real-world advice that actually works.

6.) Flawless Natural (dvd) by RSD Tim ? Legendary Aussie, Natural Tim, takes viewers on an intense journey into the mind of the game?s most aggressively sexy man (no homo). Those who have seen Tim?s game in the flesh speak as if they?d witnessed a divine miracle. And it?s no mystery why as ?Flawless Natural? breaks down Tim?s approach step-by-step, covering everything from attitude to what to say. Tim?s personal anecdotes add a nice touch to this immensely valuable guide to cold approaching.

5.) ?Attraction Formula? by Paul Janka ? The notorious New York playboy shares the secrets that put him on Dr. Phil?s hot seat. ?Attraction Formula? is equal parts informative, well written, and applicable. Janka deconstructs his simplified method of ?getting laid in New York City? so that men everywhere can replicate his amazing (and public) success. The true brilliance of ?Attraction Formula? is Janka?s rare ability to analyze his thought process and explain how he arrived at his theories and mindsets. Each page oozes with wisdom derived from real-world experience. Put simply: if you want to get laid, get this .

4.) ?Sperm Wars? by Robin Baker ? While I had a pretentious temptation to nerd this list up with academic, non-pickup s, I decided against it, opting only to include resources that directly improved my dating success. But, despite its scientific focus, ?Sperm Wars? still shifted my entire paradigm of sex and human mating habits. More so than ?Red Queen,? ?The Selfish Gene,? and ?Mating Mind,? ?Sperm Wars? explains the biological and evolutionary relevance of specific sex acts. The short ?parables? that introduce each concept make the easy to read and pertinent to everyday dating situations. You will never look at your sperm the same way again ? or your girlfriend, for that matter.

3.) ?Double Your Dating? by David Deangelo ? The eBook of eBooks, the classic of classics, the cocky of funny, DYD was the first eBook I read on dating advice, and will be the last eBook I read on dating advice. While DYD may not bridge the gap in between, it details how a man should think when he?s single and how he should think when he?s in a relationship. While the ?s relaxed tone makes for an easy read, its sophisticated analysis of the female psyche and intricacies of social dynamics keep it relevant over a decade after its release.

2.) ?The Blueprint Decoded? (dvd) by RSD Tyler Durden ? The one product that changed the entire course of my life is TD?s masterpiece, ?The Blueprint.? The outrageous potency of Blueprint extends well beyond dating advice, laying out the ?blueprint? of confidence, self-esteem, and happiness. If you can watch all 20 dvds of Blueprint and not have your life completely altered, you?re simply not a human.

1.) ?Nine Ball? by Jeff Allen (RSD) ? Hopefully this will replace ?The Game? as the definitive work that describes the turbulent journey to master male dating in the twenty-first century. Renowned jlaix picks up the pen to recount his quest to ?get laid or die trying,? detailing the events that produced the Yoda-like ladies? man. Each chapter is as shocking as it is motivating, as captivating as it is revolting, as creative as it is insightful. No one in this industry?and I repeat NO ONE?is as knowledgeable, outrageous, and shrewd as the mulleted mastermind Jeff Allen. One of the few s in my life that I?ve read and, after turning the last page, I knew I was somehow different, better. No matter how much you think you know about women, dating, or seduction, school?s in session when you crack open ?Nine Ball.?

I owe the biggest debt of gratitude to the 10 works and authors cited above (thank you all immensely). For the readers, you are doing yourself a horrible disservice if you do not read, watch, and implement these 10 resources. And, for those who are whining I forgot x, y, z guru?s masterpiece, shut the fuck up. This is my list, I chose who I want.

That said if you?re an author or creator of a dating resource you want considered for a future article or if you?re a disgruntled reader who is morally offended at my most awesome list, shoot an email to


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About Rob J. Rob J. is a writer and dating instructor in New York City. Themes that resonate in both his teaching and writing are masculinity, genuineness, rational self-interest, and general awesomeness.

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