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Pranks Gone Wrong: The Dreaded Half Court Shot


To understand the following story, first we must travel way back to March of 2009, when one young tyke named Streeter pranked his friend Amir in a most ingenious way. The prank went something like this: He rigged it so Amir would be picked at halftime of some college basketball game to be given the chance to win a half million dollars if he made a half court shot, blindfolded. Obviously, there’s a better-than-not chance he’s going to miss it. The prank, however, was to get the crowd to cheer extremely loud, no matter what happened with the shot, making Amir think he made it and won half a million bucks. Here’s the video if that explanation wasn’t good enough:

So, some high school tried to pull off the same thing, this time substituting Final Four tickets for the half-million. The plan was the same: A kid, blindfolded, would try to make a shot. The crowd would cheer, even after he obviously missed it wildly. They would watch him get excited, make fun of him for a bit, and they’d all move on with their lives.

Problem is, he made the shot:

And now they have no tickets to give him. That, my friends, is a prank gone wrong.

[a lot of this is via Deadspin, by the way]

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  1. Anonymous

    February 9, 2010 at 3:11 am

    lol, 2nd is funny.

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