Topical Cream: 2.19

Medal Bikini: Lindsay Vonn got the Women?s Downhill gold medal, and most of the media coverage. Fellow American Julia Mancuso came in second in the race, but deserves plenty of notice for her absolutely scorching body, and our devout thanks for being willing to shuck the ski suit and goggles for the camera.

Keeping the Bed Warm: Do you travel a lot for work? Make sure your lady friend doesn?t miss you too much by giving her a stuffed version of yourself. Choose a great photo of yourself, send it to I Am A Stuffed, and they?ll mail you your very own Mini-Me (after you pay them, of course). Best of all is the website?s About Us page, which credits leprechauns, smurfs, and Michael J. Fox for inspiring the magic of littleness.

Shutter Island: Atmospheric psychological thriller. Written by Dennis Lehane. Martin Scorcese directs. The new movie, about a U.S. Marshall attempting to solve a crime at an isolated mental institution, sounds like a perfect thriller. My trepidation about Leo DiCaprio as the lead actor is tempered immensely by the rest of the credits list, which includes Ben Kingsley, Max von Sydow and Emily Mortimer. Veteran creep Jackie Earle Haley (Little Children) should steal a few scenes, as well.

Redefining Baby Body: I try really hard not to look at the fluff magazines in the grocery store checkout aisle. Try and fail, because publishers know my weakness: boundless cleavage. In that respect, the recent OK! magazine cover featuring former Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson in a bikini, showing off her body just two months after the birth of her first child, was enough to make me drop the cheese balls. Mega-kudos to her pro football playing hubby, Hank Baskett, who grabbed a winner of a wife despite his tendency toward butterfingers on the field. Priorities, man.

The Anti-Terrorist Golf Cart: A $45,000 armored golf cart sounds halfway cool, halfway silly. But India?s Special Forces know exactly what they?re doing. The Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart (ATAC) is maneuverable enough to motor down hallways and into freight elevators, allowing the good guys to roll up on the bad guys in a new and devastatingly effective way. It makes perfect sense in a country that endured the 2008 occupation of the Taj Mahal hotel. It also runs for six hours on an electric charge, so if you?re thinking of picking up an eco-friendly city ride, put in your pre-order now.

L. Ron Hubbard Was an Amateur: The father of Scientology might have more followers for his phoney-baloney science fiction-based religion, but his movie Battlefield Earth was absolutely putrid. George Lucas, on the other hand, has six international blockbuster Star Wars movies to his credit, along with a truly impressive line of merchandise and cartoons to hook a new generation of kiddies. Now comes the news that 75,000 Australians wrote in ?Jedi? as their religion on the nation’s 2001 census, which forced the government to include Force-worship as an official religion on the upcoming 2011 tally. Blessed are the geeks; they will inherit the Earth.

My Kind of Cougar:

I had a huge crush on Kristi Yamaguchi when she won the 1992 Olympic gold in figure skating. That was a long time ago. That?s why my jaw dropped when I saw her on television again, covering the Vancouver games. She honestly looks every bit as good as she did eighteen years ago. Not often a man can bridge two decades with one fantasy.

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