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Must See Video: On The Trail Of An Assassination Squad


So, this is pretty incredible. Last month, an 11-member assassination squad went undercover, entered a hotel, killed a high-ranking official of Hamas, and made their clean getaway. Well, clean except the crazy amount of videotape they left behind, detailing their every move into and out of the hotel, pretty much telling the entire story except exactly what went on in that hotel room. The details of what happened are a bit gory, but the tape below is sans any blood. It simply pieces together the various members’ moves and showcases how their daring plan worked to perfection. It’s basically a real life version of every spy or bank robber movie you’ve ever seen, except instead of spies or bank robbers they are assassins.

Also, the version above is about a half hour long, so if that’s a bit much for you, you can find the condensed version of the tape here.

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