Understanding Female Psychology: Vin DiCarlo on Pandora’s Box, Part One

I recently had a chance to meet up with Vin DiCarlo and we chatted for a bit about some of the revelations he has been releasing lately regarding new insights into female psychology.  He also gives us a sample of what’s inside Pandora’s Box.

1. What is one insight into female psychology that you figured out that will really boggle guy’s minds?

Honestly, we stumbled onto a few of these insights that I had to say, “Whoa, are you sure?” right after. They kept coming, one after another, on topics like conversation, relationships, but I think the most stunning one came from the way you give a woman GREAT sex. Because every guy alive wants to know that one, right?

Now, when I used to sleep with a girl, I’d try to figure out if she was a bad girl or a good girl and then try to “match her” to make sure the sex was great. I’d give good girls lots of romance and I’d treat bad girls with a lot of dominance, make the sex really kinky, you know? Well it turns out I was doing things completely wrong.

You see, if you match a girl’s type with sex, the sex itself may be good … but she’s much less likely to stick around after the deed is done. This is all very technical and I’d explain if we had more time, but the SparkNotes version is this: In order to keep a bad girl around, you need to layer on the romance. And in order to keep a good girl loyal to you, you just need to have sex with her.

It would seem like getting a girl in bed is the ultimate form of relationship builder, and that with easier girls, building a relationship is simply easier. This isn’t the case. And we found that making a girl who’s normally “easy” wait for sex, while making the sex a romantic experience will make her miles more attracted to you, in the long run. This keeps her loyal, this keeps her happy and this keeps you from being blindsided with a breakup.

2. What is the biggest misconception men have about what women want?

Well, modern society has us believing that women want some mythical character. In fact, if you’ve ever seen the new Old Spice commercials, you know what I’m talking about. It’s basically a good looking guy saying, “Ladies, you want your man to smell like me because…” and he talks about how he’s got tickets to a show she likes, those tickets turn into diamonds, he’s riding on a horse… all sorts of ridiculous stuff.

Now, these commercials are aimed at men – but that’s the important part! This is what we, as men, are told day after day: That getting women to be happy in a relationship means you need to be good looking, rich, powerful and – according to most porn movies – hung like a horse.

The biggest revelation we had about what women want was this: Keeping a woman happy and loyal is much simpler than you’re told. Women want companions they can connect with, that’s it. That’s everything. The reason there’s so much confusion is that we don’t know how to connect with her.

We’re trying what the media tells us, what movies tell us, what experts tell us. And at the end of the day, we should be watching what HER signals are telling us, and then giving her that. That’s the foundation of the Pandora’s Box System.

3. Is there anything that men should be afraid to find out?

Of course. Anything new is scary, think of riding a bike. When you’re new, it’s dangerous. When you’re skilled, it’s exciting. And when you’re an expert, you’ve got a talent that impresses and charms people. It’s the same with learning how to read women’s thoughts.

The real scary part is understanding some types of women’s “secret lives.” For instance, we discovered a few types of women that date around – a lot. And while they’re seeing like 8 different guys, they’re treating each guy like he’s special. These two or three types of women seem like they’re only your girlfriend, but in reality she’s testing you. You’re playing a game. You’re competing in a “dating contest” and you have no idea.

The good news is that once you can pin-point these types of women, the fear goes away. This is because once you know she’s this particular type, you’ll see “warning signs” all over the place. Plus, you’ll know how to “win” the game before the other guys even have a chance.

Really, you’ll understand that there’s no reason to be scared. Information trumps fear, every time.

Right now you watch the 3 questions to read her mind video where Vin DiCarlo dishes out some of his best techniques for getting inside a woman’s mind.  Or read this Pandora’s Box review.

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