Best Weekend Reading from Around the Web

Best Weekend Reading

I liked this post by Steve Scott about developing the 5 daily actions success habit. I do something similar to this in what I call my morning ritual… where I do yoga, visualize my goals, write them down, spend 1 hour writing, and eating a health breakfast.

Rob Judge wrote a funny article over at his blog called If Cockblocks were Super Mario Villains… and he gives a pretty accurate description of the sort of cockblocks you run into at bars.

Funny Stuff:? 10 Pranks that probably ended relationships

Just a Guy Thing published a good Joseph Mathews article titled The Most Powerful Step for Meeting Women

Weekend Eye Candy: Playboy’s Candice Boucher

Soul publised a good article over at Eseduce called How to Escalate Sexually with Women.? A much needed guide for many guys out there.

Video:? Sneaky Tricks to Get Out of the Friend Zone

Because I am a super big fan of Brazilian Women… Roosh’s How to Consistently attract Brazilian girls

Weekend Eye Candy: Hooter Girls Invade Vegas

Motivating little article on the Art of Being Ridiculous

A collection 177 Pua Openers you can use tonight.

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