Things That Are Actually Funny: The Handsome Man’s Club

No doubt you’ve seen this already, but for those of you who made the (mostly wise) choice of staying as far away from your television set during the night that the Oscars were broadcast, then maybe this slipped under your radar. It’s an extended sketch from Jimmy Kimmel Live that has him poking a little fun at himself, seeing as he’s not nearly as handsome as quite a few of the celebrities in Hollywood. As such, he’s put himself as the head of a little underground mirror-toting group called the “Handsome Man’s Club”.

This stuff usually is hit or miss, but this is a pretty big hit on all accounts. (Am I the only one around who thought Kimmel came out best in the whole Leno/Conan debacle that was going on a few months ago?) I’m not going to spoil who the celebrities are who make appearances in the club – the reveal is part of the fun of the sketch – but I will say that there is a notable missing member of this club: How can you have a club of handsome men without Jon Hamm being present?

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